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Finally feeling better

I think maybe I am over the Crohn's flare... It lasted 5 days and was awful. But I didn't get sick this morning. And I had a nice healthy brunch today. I went grocery shopping with my caseworker this morning and got lots of yummy food. I'm feeling pretty good today. No migraine, tummy is calm, face is itchy but I'll put some cream on. I hope the day stays good.

#CrohnsDisease #Happyday

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Good morning, have a blessed day.#Goodmorning #Happyday

I wake up feeling tired still. I also wake up feeling #sad for some reason. A tiny feeling of good old #Anxiety Today is looking to be a gloomy day. It could clear. Today is a free day. I have nothing going on. I almost feel like i could #cry . I don't really feel #Depression . I just feel really low mood. Some days i have times i look back on thinking of stuff i like to forget forever,#moody


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So true 😊. What is the meaning of beauty for you? Do you agree with this statement?

Being yourself can be easy and very hard at the same time. When I stopped the masquerade everyone disappeared like smoke. I lost many but I also found some hidden gems that made my life shine again. I'm really grateful and I treasure their friendship.
Today I met up with my friend Jojo in a game online and it was super nice and fun eheh
I asked him: "Do you know that you are actually really sweet Jojo? I'm really happy to have you as my friend. You are awesome eheh".
His response was confusion 🤣 ahahah (I love him ahahah). He is on the scale of autism and he really can't understand emotions or socialize in person. Compliments for him are confusing things and he don't know what to say when I say things like that but he knows I mean it so he replied with 2 hugs emojis 😊 ( he knows those make me smile).
We have been friends for a year plus now and I'm super happy I found another gem 💎. He can be himself with me and I can be fully myself with him. He accepts me as I am and this is rare for me eheh.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it". (Confucius)

#quoteoftheday #Happyday #Beauty #haveaniceday #Goodmorning #Friendship #gems #muchlove #positivethoughts #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth

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Feeling good ( - about - ) today 🖤

Today I made myself a good breakfast (french toast), went walking about my neighborhood for about an hour, showered, and changed. I got a new wig yesterday and I love it! I decided to wear it today with a little gold eye shadow, and I feel so pretty! I haven't felt this pretty since I was in 8th grade and I had my first boyfriend, and he told me he loved me. I have decided that days like this only come around so often and I am going to enjoy it while I can. I have a plan to do a virtual meet up with some friends and then make homemade gummy bears! I hope that tomorrow can be as good as today! Oh! And I wanted to add some fun to each day, so I glued a googly eye to the middle of my glasses to make me laugh everyday, along with...my wig glows in the dark!!!🥰🖤😁😋🤩 #Happyday #Feelinggood #GoodDay

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I finally got my tapestry! #LGBTQIA #Happyday

I am sooo happy! I've been waiting for it to show up for months and it;'s finally here!!!! I put it up as soon it got here