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#Goodmorning #musicalsaturday #feelings #stillanxiousthoughblah

Saturdays vibes for me guys, how about you, what are your plans today?

I don’t intend on leaving the house at all today, the walls are too comforting and besides that, my anxiety isn’t playing well i’m liable to get myself into trouble ☀️👿😜

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Every Day is a New Day!

If you can never truly let go of what’s already done, then you aren’t allowing yourself to have a better present or a better future. What we deserve and truly desire in this life is true happiness. To truly be happy is to accept where you are at the time being, and believing that the choices or mistakes you made were made for a reason. For the years that I allowed myself to live in misery because I was stuck in the past, I truly look back on now and wonder why I wasted all that time. When I finally let go of the past, was the exact moment I felt life gave me another chance. One of the easiest yet hardest concepts to grasp I finally learned. For all the years I kept walking through the same cycle, the same old doors stayed open. When I finally learned to let go and accept my circumstances and situations for what it was, the new doors were finally opened to things and people I never imagined possible.
#Goodmorning #future #Present #Inspiration #Selfcare #ChasingLife #Happiness

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Morning Affirmations

Today I pause to re-evaluate how I see myself. I choose to let go of old, negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs. I begin today from a fresh place and choose to see my life anew! Today I give myself another chance at life and treat myself with kindness, compassion, forgiveness and LOVE.

#Goodmorning #affirmations #Positivity #encouragement #SupportGroups #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder

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Morning Affirmation ☀️

“This morning I awaken as though I am seeing life for the first time. I marvel at the freshness and beauty all around me. I am so grateful for every wonderful experience big and small. I open my heart and mind to the treasure of opportunities that life presents to me. Today I will appreciate each and every gift as my day unfolds.”
- found on Pinterest

Mornings are the absolute hardest for me. Anxiety and depression slap me in the face as soon as I open my eyes. So I have been practicing affirmations first thing in the mornings in hopes this will change or at least improve. Anyone else struggle the most in the mornings?? How do you cope with it??

#affirmations #pinterest #Positivity #encouragement #SupportGroups #TheMighty #Goodmorning #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety


Good morning, have a blessed day.#Goodmorning #Happyday

I wake up feeling tired still. I also wake up feeling #sad for some reason. A tiny feeling of good old #Anxiety Today is looking to be a gloomy day. It could clear. Today is a free day. I have nothing going on. I almost feel like i could #cry . I don't really feel #Depression . I just feel really low mood. Some days i have times i look back on thinking of stuff i like to forget forever,#moody