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I'M feeling a little down.

I don't know why i feel so #sad & #down . I always feel #moody during my period. #PMS sucks. I feel more e·mo·tion·al.

Today was a beautiful day. Very warm again. I love this warm fall weather/

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #lonely #MentalHealth

Think one reason why i liked this new #supportworker is because she talkedLike any normal person. Not talked down to be like a kid.

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Am I losing myself? - Advice Needed

After leaving my husband of 10 years I finally told myself that I am worthy of love and valuable as a person exactly as I am.

5 years ago I entered a severe depressive episode and it took me 5 years of struggling with crippling anxiety, notes and plans, a psych ward, way to much fucking medication, and emotional abuse and neglect from my husband to somehow pull myself from the wreckage, drop the chains, and walk away.

I am my best self. I love myself. I am happy.

My boyfriend of almost a year is wonderful. I’m very much in love and he’s been great for me in a healing, healthy relationship kind of way. I could love him forever.

He’s moody. Every week (sometimes twice) he will randomly be in a mood. I’m extremely sensitive to mannerisms and vibes. I can tell when his vibe is off.

95% of the time the reason is that he needs more affection or attention. His love language is physical touch.

He won’t simply say what his needs are. Sometimes I don’t think he even knows. He will be “spicy” or sensitive to things that I do or say for example, I didn’t answer a text quick enough, I mention my ex husbands name (we share kids so it’s only kid related), if I sit on the couch and veg out on my phone by myself, if I shut my phone off when he enters a room (he thinks I’m hiding something when I simply want to make him my #1 attention.

He’s driving me fucking nuts. I get defensive and I’m trying so hard to hear him out but some of these things are “eye roll”, who cares/move the fuck on, type of things.

QUESTION: How do I help him figure out his needs and communicate them better?

#moody #ManMoodSwings #relationship

Bonus Question: My boundaries are fuzzy, gray areas because I truly love this shit outta this man. It’s easy to claim, “I’d never put up with xyz in a relationship”, but then let xyz slide here and there. It’s almost like my gut radar is jaded. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks.


Good morning, have a blessed day.#Goodmorning #Happyday

I wake up feeling tired still. I also wake up feeling #sad for some reason. A tiny feeling of good old #Anxiety Today is looking to be a gloomy day. It could clear. Today is a free day. I have nothing going on. I almost feel like i could #cry . I don't really feel #Depression . I just feel really low mood. Some days i have times i look back on thinking of stuff i like to forget forever,#moody


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It Must be a Sign

So, I’m like 150% sure I am done with today, and at least 78% sure I’m already done with tomorrow. 🙄🙄🙄

#Depression #Anxiety #Irritable #moody



You know, I’m not sure why exactly or how exactly it happens but out of left field I am suddenly unhappy. I am double thinking everything and I seem to want to find reasons to make it worse. This is a habit of mine I’d give anything to kick...but no matter what I do I can’t seem to pry my fingers off of it. I hope I don’t ruin today, bc right now I’m lying through my teeth saying “I’m fine” when really I’m not bc I’m exhausting myself trying to behave. Which in turn ALSO causes and effect that most don’t like either bc I become bland instead of animated but it’s the only way I know how to keep from acting out...shit, just shit.
#Anxiety #Depression #moody #BehaviorChallenges

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A mess

I feel tired of therapy, of psychologist and whatever meds. And whatever positivity.. # stress #moody #Trauma #PTSD

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Comfort Food

What's your comfort food when the mood is low, when trigger becomes bitter, when the light life is dark? We all need comfort food. Do we need the 'greens' to combat the 'blue'?
Do we need chocolates to keep the mood in the closet?

#Depression #moody #Lowmood #Trauma #comfortfood


Numbness #moodswings #moody

I dunno how to describe to my therapist, feeling numb. It just came, messy thoughts, messy emotions. Something I'm sick of hearing 'dont let it control u, u r in control..'

it's difficult to explain, similar to struggle to explain about suicidal thoughts but I'm glad I got it off my chest read about 'call of the void' too.

My sleep pattern is a mess.. awake til 1-2 am.
I work from home now n still strugglig to adapt. Sleeping pills r running low..

Ive been given option shud I want to be refer to a psychiatrist.. but I have a psychologist working with me for the past 6 months..'

It's like having 2 diff side of me n the stronger ones (with low moods, messy thots) always win..'lately.
I dunno what to do.. this is tiring, .
#PTSD #traumasurvivor #Lowmood #moody