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How We Heal

With the hope of helping others, CaringBridge users have been sharing for years their paths toward healing. CaringBridge invites you to read the stories of ordinary people plunged into serious health crises talk about what has made them whole again. bit.ly/3hAwQak #Healingisajourney #healingjourney #Healing

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Easier said than done

Is it just me or is the “be kind to yourself” really hard?

I’ve been trying to be kind to myself and forgiving but every time I try I become overwhelmed with everything I’ve done wrong. I feel bad about things I did 10 years ago. I feel bad for every time I fought with my ex boyfriend.

I have learned how to forgive others but not myself. #Healingisajourney #Kindness #forgiveyourself


Post Holiday Meltdowns

I dont know how to interact or even be around my family. I started seeking help to heal from all the trauma of my childhood and thought I could handle Thanksgiving . The day seemed to to fine and on my way home I decided I wanted some wine. I knew it probably would caue an anxiety attack and yet I still bought it, still had a glass. Today at work was so busy and I had planned to meet a friend for lunch afterwards. I didnt stop enough to let anything hit me. I even tried to see if another friend was free so I didn't have to go home and face my thoughts. I dont really want to call anyone or even own up to how shitty I feel because I feel like everyone else has their stuff. They never say that but thats how I feel. There's only about 4 people I even feel safe with and even then lately I havent felt as safe with them. I have one friend who has been there for me a lot because she doesnt have the trauma or anxiety that some of my others friends do and I'm afraid that I'm going to burn her out on hearing about my feelings. I know some of this is just the anxiety and yet it feels so real. I'm finishing off the wine tonight which I know I shouldn't and yet I do all these things because I can't seem to find better ways to cope. I want to get better yet it feels like to do that I'll have to scale a concrete wall. I feel powerless and overwhelmed and unable to find any sort of freedom. I know I'm getting vetter yet the healing feels like its taking so long and I'm struggling more than I ought to be.
#Holidays #Healingisajourney

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She’s got a heart as loud as lions. #Healingisajourney #Depression #Selfworth

Hello all! This is my very first post here. I’m on a road to recovery from years and years of very dark depression which I suffered silently because I was ashamed of it... I was in a very dark place but then I met my fiancé and he saved me. He saved me from myself. I am alive again. #Love #Depression #Recovery


Turning a major corner

#PTSD #Traumaspecialist #Suicide #Healingisajourney
I think your daughter would miss you...

I thought death was the only way to get rid of the pain. When I realized that other people were able to overcome or manage #PTSD , I began to fight. I Literally fought for my mind and my life back. It started with a commitment of one shower, and three meals a day.
-At one point I thought this pain is too much and no one deserved that much pain. Therefore, I didn’t deserve much pain. Therefore I deserved life, I deserved joy, and love, and healing, and manifesting my purpose.
-Then I added meditation and that’s when I really began to see a difference in suicidal ideation. I realized that if I killed myself it would traumatize my family. They would then experience #PTSD And I didn’t want for them to experience such pain. This gave me strength. I began to tell myself that my absence would cause pain to those I loved and depended on. And that’s the last thing I would ever want to do.
I hope this helps. We are all here to support you and cheer you on.

You deserve to be alive, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to pursue your dreams, to love and be loved.