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    Lorene and #Her borzoi ❗️‼️‼️

    Great memories and I am getting help from Janice and I hope I can save my tooth because it is painful at night and I will let John and David know ❗️‼️⁉️

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    A neighbor’s horses 🐎 #Her son is a Lyme warrior and most everyone has a story to tell about their Lyme experiences

    Hoping to get to my dentist and looking at different ways to get there 🌹🍁🍀🍀


    I've been talking to this woman for a very short time. She is amazing. She is very well versed in BPD. She thinks that BPD can be beautiful . I think she called it a superhero power. I've been trying to maintain but I'm losing the battle. She gets it. She told me that she will stay even in a borderline moment. My friend told me to trust, because I don't.i decided to just screw it and trust completely.

    A few weeks ago I got the one thing I've really missed my entire life. Friends who get me. One even read about it. I got an intimacy that night that I didn't know I needed. So I officially didn't care anymore of finding a partner. A week ago she messaged me on an app I have pretty much never used.

    I want to know my feelings are real and not just the BPD grasping.

    I created this rule for myself, that I won't discuss feelings for at least a month. And no meeting family for 6 months. I want my next one to be real and lasting. Someone who sees me. And she absolutely does.

    I always feel like I need to come with a warning label, but not with her. I had a mini episode today and she responded in a way I never thought possible. She said I was having feelings and that's okay and she was happy I communicated. And she fixed it right away.

    I feel her... it's crazy.

    I'm trying so freakng hard to not jump. I feel like I can't trust my own feelings

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Dating #BPD #Lesbian #Advice #scared #Trust #BPDStigma #bpdbeautiful #Love #feelings #Unexpected #Love #Her

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    Bushkin with #Her Christmas gifts 🎁

    Worried about Bushkin because she is not eating and is not feeling very good and I hope it is not LARP a laryngeal paralysis that her mother Haley died from and her breeders had the surgery but she got pneumonia and died right after they went home to take care of her dog family She is eating a Dentastix treat ❤️❤️❤️

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    Bushkin with #Her Teddie Bear 🐻

    Too much pain and abuse from a stupid nasty MD I wish I never met and I think he may feel the same way because missed so many things and the
    dear doctors are not usually very good unless they are surgeons because they have to be very good:-)) Harvard Teaching doctors are not always even acceptable but can teach 💔💔

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    Bushkin and #Her cheddar cheese :-)

    Think the iPad is on the way out or something ❓🐶🐾♥️🙀🤣🤞