Hello 👋Mighty Family n Friends

I have scary stuff going on tomo.

I only went and phoned up the occupational therapist and asked if I could have a home assessment didn't I.
Well they phoned me back the same day and went through some of the things I could do with in the house. Well that was last week.

Today someone from my local hospital phoned up........ eek and he is coming tomo, to do the home assessment.
Anxiety is now sky high.....
Do I really want a bath lift, am I that disabled, or is it just my anxiety talking.

Omg omg omg
Someone talk me down from the ceiling plz.😥
It's happening too quickly, I need more time to adjust to this.
I thought with covid19 they'd be far more busy, and it would take longer than this.

It took me over a month to just phone up in January and I phoned the wrong department!!! So I've kept the right phone number and then the Pandemic hit. Now it's all Happening too fast. I can't cope.

He is coming at 11 tomorrow morning.
I know I need the help and equipment so why am I panicking so much. Why am I like ... I don't want this. This is stupid, ugh, Grrr.

Love n hugs Tj
Venting ranting in a mess today
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