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Disassociation #dont #LeaveMeAlone #Outofmymind #Doublesided #perspectivechanged #Indifferent #Intrigued #Hostileworkenvironment #BpDbeautifully #Curiouslydifferent #boarderlinepersonalitydisorder

Some days I can’t face the noise the maddening crowds the energy it rinses me of my inner self my mindfulness my empath vibrstions get distracted from direction or misdirected it’s very hard to understand the vibe - I listen to my body every single day of every waking moment because it has never failed to give me the Insight and willpower to conquer push through and kick the darkness the deep mistrust and dissolution to the curb where it belongs

Namaste 🙏💡🙏


Anxiety manifesting in anger

I’ve discovered over the last several months that my anxiety has shifted from overthinking and worry to more anger and irritability. It’s been a mixture of stress from work and my husband being deployed that have really caused my mental health to go down hill. I love the children I work with, but management makes my job almost unbearable. I am so incredibly unhappy but I feel trapped. My supervisor is an undermining micromanager who literally makes me feel incompetent in what I do and have been doing for several years. She makes me question my future in this field as well as my desire to what to pursue it any further.

Yesterday at work was just a bad day. My supervisor upset me and then wouldn’t leave me alone to get work done. She continuously questions my judgment after telling me “these are your clients, we look to you to make decisions.” Like are they my responsibility or yours? Let me do my job.

Her overbearing has made me so incredibly anxious that I’m angry. I snapped at a dear friend last night who is going through this deployment with me as our husbands are on the same submarine. I’ve never snapped at a friend before but I had just had enough of the day. I feel guilty for it and will be seeing her today. I first cannot wait to go process with my own therapist and get feedback from her. I am just so beyond ready to have my husband home from this deployment and I’m so ready to find a new job. #personal #Anxiety #anger #Hostileworkenvironment #MilitarySpouse