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Early Morning Heavy

I felt a heaviness inside me this morning that I hadn’t felt in a while. Living at this moment hurts. A lot. All I want is a hug and for someone to say that all would be ok in the end. My calculated way of living has been thrown off kilter, I feel chronically empty and sad. I try to get help in what I see as the “traditional way”, like opening up and talking about my feelings, but sometimes it’s really hard. I even feel worse after opening up most times. (That’s when I do so verbally.) In the last few days, I’ve come to realize that in a very silent way, I am not important enough to be kept in the know for certain important situations. I want to withdraw from the world completely, but I know that that’s not reasonable. In these painful moments, I tend to lean towards wanting to create something out of my pain to distract myself. I want to believe the good that others see in me, but everything seems blurred beyond recognition. In these continual shifts in my life, I feel like I’m drowning. #MentalHealth #Drowning #Heaviness #Thoughtspiral #Hurtsinside #FeelingEmpty #Emptiness #ChronicEmptiness #Sadness

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#depession #Hurtsinside

I'm so lonely I'm all by myself I miss my man so much 8 yrs together an now we live in separate homes it's killing my heart but I can't live with him all I can do is cry I miss him so much his own son tryies to control him I can't live with that I'll have that boy with a dam board respect your parents so I can't live there


#Anxiety #MoodDisorders #Depression

I’ve been on Anti Depressent for years now but I have good days and bad days but mostly bad. I have days where I don’t feel comfortable within surroundings such as meeting with mates and goi out with them.
I put in a brave face but deep inside I’m very insecure and feel alone

I’m i the only one who feels like this? #braveface #Hurtsinside