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I AM grateful

I AM grateful for today. The Ease and Grace that I was hoping for yet not expecting was very welcomed. I was able to be out of bed, did some housework and chilled watching a movie and a basketball game online with the kids. I am grateful that my children aren’t too worried about gifts and things. It’s different now that they are teens. Thankfully cash is in, and it doesn’t require wrapping 😎🤣☃️🎄❄️🤣. Hope you got some merry love today ~ and if not…I’m send some your way🎄❤️❤️❤️ # fibro #MightyMoms #2021 #Love #EASE #Grace #Christmas #ChronicIlless #braveface

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How to stop emotionally “stuffing?” #Loss #Breakups #Anxiety

Hi everyone. I’m really having trouble with allowing myself to feel negative emotions rather than stuffing them away. I’ve talked to my therapist about it and I know it’s not a good thing to do, but I’m so scared to stop. It’s like I’m running away from sadness and trying to distract myself. Will you help me?
#CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #Advice #pleasecomment #Anxiety #Sadness #braveface #Masking #Trying


Sometimes, I don’t feel strong enough

There are some who do see me as a strong person, but most times I feel like that’s a lie. I wish I was as strong as the person the world sees, but I feel the opposite. Most times I put on a brave face so that I won’t have to say what’s really happening, sometimes that backfires. My mission in life for most of my teenage years up to now was/is to stay as “invisible” as possible or remain “anonymous” to the rest of the world. Mostly because in my mind, “me” isn’t very important, even though I’m told otherwise. #MentalHealth #negative self image #notstrongenough #braveface #lowselfsteem

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#Anxiety #MoodDisorders #Depression

I’ve been on Anti Depressent for years now but I have good days and bad days but mostly bad. I have days where I don’t feel comfortable within surroundings such as meeting with mates and goi out with them.
I put in a brave face but deep inside I’m very insecure and feel alone

I’m i the only one who feels like this? #braveface #Hurtsinside


Last 24 hours. Putting brave face on! #MentalHealth #Realtionships

Last 24 Hours been really low tried to sugar coat it but just want to curl up and hide but I can’t stuff want to do and places want to go.
A good friend of mine said to me “You got to keep going on ,no matter what!” So went for a run, had nice warm shower and put some skin cream and Putting on a brave face to work. Going to try and make someone laugh and smile today then After work go to bed!
#stayingstrong #braveface #MentalHealth #Autism #Life


That darkness #Depression #Anxiety #braveface #hiddendepress

When my minds out of breath, and my bodies no longer mine to move, where are you? When my bones ache from sadness and my emotions are all drained, where are you? When I’m lost, so lost I’m scared, where are you? When I don’t have a voice, because my voice is so heavy it hurts to use, where are you?

I can see you, feel you, hear you, smell you, but your not really there… I can talk with you, laugh with you, walk with you and sleep by you, but your not really there………

when my minds out of breath, I can see you, feel you, hear you, but your not really there, when my body’s no longer mine to move, I can smell you, talk with you, laugh with you, but your not really there, when my bones ache and my emotions are drained, I can walk with you and sleep beside you, but your not really there, when I’m lost and my voice is so heavy it hurts to use, I can see, smell, hear and feel you….but you are not actually there.

But only when I’m silent, only when I’m gone, do you ask those unanswerable questions, like, ‘are you OK?’, ‘what’s wrong?’

But my voice is so past heavy, I just cannot bear to use,

‘ I’m fine….I’m OK. …’ …will just have to do……