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#IDEA #BipolarDisorder #creativity #experience

Hey, hello you are not only one who struggle with bipolar disorder. Article was so helpfull, tnx for sharing. I think that's only chemistry in our brain. I am even though with this diagnose very creative person, i eorked a lot as voloteur and i have already a job. Let's us all to stay creative on our way. We have a lot of potencial to be successfull so people don't give up and we can all as other normal people. We have curse and gift. Stay positive, life is going on. :)

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Who else collects doctor trading cards

Like these in the picture. I when I go to the doctor I grab one of each and put them in a binder and have a collection #ChronicIllness #Doctor #tradingcards #Collection #ideas #Doctors #IDEA #collections #tradingcard


first time attending therapy

first time seeing a therapist in my life

so... last week I felt so, down that I wanted to die. I put the gun to my head, right after texting my goodbyes. As, my phone rang I dropped the gun. my life from where I'm standing is horrible. I think I've been battling with myself for years, last night I was about to post here but, then I realized I was writing a book. So, I continued to write and I answered a few questions about myself. I think I'll continue to write a book the book but, back to the subject. This all happened last Monday. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3pm. I made the appointment not knowing my job was going to ask us to work Monday through Saturday. I know I'm in a bind at work but, I can't miss this appointment, I'm going the morning I will try for an earlier appointment but,if there is none I'm choosing myself over that selfish job. I don't know what to expect and ive never reached out to strangers even posting this is new for me. But, I'm ready to live in my truth. I'm tried of having a drink to cover my feelings, or cry alone. I'm ready to accept my past failures and current mistakes. And hopefully gain a real smile inside. I know this post may have sounded all over the place but, that's exactly how my mind feel. For the past year or so, I find myself yelling" I hate my life" more than anything. I KNOW I NEED HELP! hopefully this is the first step.
#peace #findingmypurpose #IDEA #Depression #Therapy