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Mid-week Thoughts #peace #harmony #smile

It's Wednesday and you've already got through three days of the week. Just two more days and it's the weekend once again. Go on, you're doing great. 🙂

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Favorite Verse of Scripture #Comfort #peace #MentalHealth

What’s your favorite scripture verse? If you don’t know which one to comment, maybe think of ones that have helped you in your darkest hours.
Whether it be from the Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or another book of scripture, all are welcome.

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Since my recent time in the hospital I have been contemplating my life path & I have decided to step away from any activity in this group for awhile

I am choosing to shift my focus from my health to new opportunities. Through my recent ordeal with 9 days in the hospital I realized I don't want to spend so much time thinking and talking about my health. I have decided that in sharing my story repeatedly here and in my life I have been caught living in my past, and this has taken so much of my time & energy. My plan is to concentrate on being & living in the present and then use my energy to search and find things that give me joy and nourish my spirit and my soul.

I am thankful and proud that I have survived some very difficult times with serious health challenges and found the strength and spirit to fight through, however I just came to realize that this blessing of life has with it opportunities for new experiences, journeys and paths to explore, and I can't do that when I’m talking and thinking about being a survivor and even using the term professional patient to describe myself. I am so much more than that.

I am choosing to step aside from this group and try to create a life that isn’t focused on sharing about my health. Therefore I will be taking a break from being on The Mighty and leading this group. I appreciate all your support throughout this time and if you would consider keeping me in your thoughts and prayers I'd be very grateful.

There are now over 2,700 members in this group and I trust that you can all be there for each other and this will continue to be an active peer-to-peer community. Please read each other’s posts, respond with replies & comments, offer support and empathy, and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it too.

Sending blessings for good health, peace, serenity and abundance to you all, and big virtual hugs,


#MentalHealth #Depression #Disability #Selfcare #selfove #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #MightyTogether #PTSD #DistractMe #CheckInWithMe #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #peace #Love #Joy

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My aunt lost her battle with cancer last week. I got a chance to see her the week before (I live in a different state). She was so happy to see me and my mom. I got to say goodbye. Glad I was able to be with her for a little bit.
The waves of sorrow ebb and flow. Having a rough time since I started working on the materials for the services. Just feeling a heaviness. Fortunately, it’s not a 24/7 thing. I’ve been focusing on helping my cousin. I can only imagine how overwhelmed she is right now.
I trust God will keep us during this season, as God has done before. We continue to push through. #Grief #BPD #Depression #suckyholidays #strength #peace

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finding strength in my peace and silence

I'm doing better thanks to the peace I can find within. It's been two weeks I've been able to carry on like this and I feel blessed.

#peace #BPD #SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #native #silence #strength

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#peace #learning

Life really is strangely complicated and sometimes it takes time to understand what it really means to have your life together in one moment but it’s worth remembering how much of a journey you can take to be happy with yourself and the challenges you have faced.

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You Dont Know Me


In a land where all things look good and kept is a reality that something’s not quite right.

Enter the villain 🦹‍♀️ the Narcissist who married an Exho. Yet while the Echo was unaware the echo tried so many different things to make IT all work for the children and the spouse. Over the top adventures were agreed to reckless spending and debt was agreed to and in fact co signed the spouse’s University Student Debt.

All was good as long as the spouse was pleased and entertained. However the spouse would become board. Would even start to exhibit out of character behaviour and would go out with their so called friends staying out endlessly while the echo looked after the children.

Then the affairs and the echo would call out the Narcissist. The Narcissist would be confronted by family and would recline into a relationship with the echo again. The cycle continues yet the echo becomes more and more aware more and more watching absent and picks qualities from the narcissist to emulate.

Now there are two in the same house who’s placing their needs of self love over each other’s needs for one and other.

The bed grows cobwebs and there is no passionate connection only passive aggressive behaviour and malicious behaviour with manipulation. Everything is a game a dance of sorrows.

The children watch on as their parents transform from loving caring parents into separate souls who reject each other’s desires or needs.

This sounds horrible yet remember the echo has leaned. Agile and smart in order to survive. Abused neglected and abandoned by their spouse on a numerous occasions for affairs of fancy and inappropriate behaviour.

The echo unaware that the abuse was directed at them and the children becomes even more self aware. Therapy and counselling bring into the light the true situation. The echo sets limit’s expectations the narcissist plows over them the echo sets standards the narcissist prefers to do what they what when they want with who they want.

The echo mimics this behaviour the narcissist becomes unstable and physically aggressive with covert manipulation.

Long story short the echo becomes the villain based on the narcissist’s manipulation.

Now the victim becomes the villain and the divorce starts.

The victim and villain is treated well like the villain reinforcing the trauma and relationships traumas events CPTSD and other mental health related issues like suicidal ideation and dissociation.

The victim or villain becomes incarcerated only to find their true selves in the institution while recovering ❤️‍🩹 from the narcissist being separated from the narcissist and developing a sense of self reliance with spiritual growth.

The victim and villain returns to become the hero 🦸‍♀️

Not the hero to themselves no the echo is still growing underneath and realizing what has truly happened and why IT happened yet this person is not the same person that entry the institution. No this person is completely different. The hero is hero to observers and othe survivors. Becoming an inspiration and testimony to the people who come in contact with the survivor.

The survivor begins helping random strangers empowering their beliefs and self narratives to be self loving with compassion while healing ❤️‍🩹 in peer social and yes groups with others dealing with loved experiences.

The hero is no long an echo no the echo is now an emotionally awakened spiritual healer. Yet growing learning supporting and yes very much still recovering ❤️‍🩹.

This healer this shaman this foraged soul built in the depths of the despair is beyond comprehension to most and yet this story has a happy ending.

The hero continues their journey and helps others along the way while also developing healthy boundaries and relationships because they are now healthy and they now have self compassion for their own needs and the needs of thier children.

The book comes out and there are so many people that are touched by the story and illuminates other’s suffering that they begin to believe and become stronger than ever able to brake their own chains and set themselves free.

The story of one can effect others and empower others.

This is a true story name’s removed for protection.

If this story is happening or has happened to you or someone you are not alone.

You matter

You are important

You belong

You are valued

You are worthy

Please remember to be safe be well be loved 🥰 your worthy.

Don’t forget IT.

We hope this helps someone out there even just one. Don’t give up don’t give in don’t stop fighting. There are so many people depending on you.

You just haven’t met them yet or they haven’t read your store.

#LivedExperiance #Support #MentalHealth #Grief #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #SuicidalIdeation #Survivor #DissociationDisorders #Healing #Recovery #restoration #Newlife #Empowerment #Hope #Joy #Love #peace #patience lots of patience.

Be well we hope this finds you well if you know someone struggling or suffering and situation, please help them. They don’t even know they need help.

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When I got the label or diagnosis, it gave me a sense of relief. It was because my unique behavior has a name. People told me I was too much and difficult to be around because of my overly "sensitive" nature.

Now after a decade since the diagnosis, I realize this - I deserve to be healthy in a holistic sense. A mental health condition is not a condemnation. I deserve to live well.#BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #peace #Selfcompassion

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Life with this.. #peace

Hi! I’m doing ok, just some anxiety and feeling overwhelmed like all the time. I have BPD and bipolar 1 disorder. I also have lots of other health problems and it makes it hard on me mentally. I’ll join your group! Thanks for inviting me!

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