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    What got me through 2021 and finding my purpose in life. I am thankful for this journal.

    Writing saved my life and helped me to find my purpose

    #purpose #lifesaver #Writing #Journal #Life #findingmypurpose


    first time attending therapy

    first time seeing a therapist in my life

    so... last week I felt so, down that I wanted to die. I put the gun to my head, right after texting my goodbyes. As, my phone rang I dropped the gun. my life from where I'm standing is horrible. I think I've been battling with myself for years, last night I was about to post here but, then I realized I was writing a book. So, I continued to write and I answered a few questions about myself. I think I'll continue to write a book the book but, back to the subject. This all happened last Monday. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3pm. I made the appointment not knowing my job was going to ask us to work Monday through Saturday. I know I'm in a bind at work but, I can't miss this appointment, I'm going the morning I will try for an earlier appointment but,if there is none I'm choosing myself over that selfish job. I don't know what to expect and ive never reached out to strangers even posting this is new for me. But, I'm ready to live in my truth. I'm tried of having a drink to cover my feelings, or cry alone. I'm ready to accept my past failures and current mistakes. And hopefully gain a real smile inside. I know this post may have sounded all over the place but, that's exactly how my mind feel. For the past year or so, I find myself yelling" I hate my life" more than anything. I KNOW I NEED HELP! hopefully this is the first step.
    #peace #findingmypurpose #IDEA #Depression #Therapy

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    Collage for today #ChronicPain #Depression #Art #ArtTherapy

    Some days, the exhaustive relentlessness of pain is much harder to deal with emotionally than others. Today it's really sucked. Feeling like more of my sense of self has been hacked away, and lost, than not. #feelinguseless #feelingsofdepression #Pain #Arts #exhausted #findingmypurpose #Lossofhope


    Work/life balance after major accidents

    Really struggling with my work/life balance. After two life altering car accidents and too many surgeries to count in the last 3 years I’m stuck on what the future looks like for work and how I can excel at work without neglecting my mental and physical health all at the same time. So frustrated!!!!!!!
    #CheckInWithMe #worklifebalance #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #findingmypurpose