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Any tips for accepting your Anxiety?

Sometimes I get nice breaks from anxiety and everything is smooth sailing ⛵️ but other times it comes back and is a constant nuisance wether it’s physical symptoms or just mental and that voice in my head trying to sabotage me. Any tips for when you find anxiety makes you feel dumb and silly for struggling with it? Sometimes it can be the smallest of things and it makes you feel shame vulnerable and stigma. #Anxiety #help #struggling #Support #ideas #coping #Shame #Stigma #mighty #TheMighty #MightyTogether

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Joy Jar

I’m new to chronic pain (long Covid ME/CFS). I have a joy jar that needs redoing. It contains color coded popsicle sticks with ideas for things I can do to enrich creative, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual parts of my life. Many of my old sticks have things I just can’t do anymore. What things have you found that are gentle on struggling bodies (and, let’s face it, hearts and minds, too) that enrich your life? #ChronicFatigueSyndromeampME #ideas #helpneeded #newspoonie

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Hey Anbody got Advice???

So, we've been thinking a lot lately, and we've decided we want to tell our host's boyfriend we have OSDD. The only issue with this is we don't know how to tell him. He's been so supportive throughout our friendship and relationship, with some of our alters. From their therianthropy, anxiety, coping mechanisms, and age regression.

We want to tell him this in a way that won't cause a break in a great relationship and make things awkward. We trust him so much, and we would hate to lose our two-year relationship as well as our friendship. Does anybody have any ideas or advice???

#DissociativeIdentityDisorder #osdd #Relationships #Advice #ideas #help


Any other better coping mechanisms?

So I've been struggling with self-harm again lately and want to find a way to break the cycle I'm stuck in. Any other better coping skills other than fidgets, music, taking a break/walk, journaling, and talking to someone about it????

#Selfharm #Healing #help #ideas #Anxiety #coping #copingskills

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× " Should I Have A Middle Name Or Keep It As It Is ? " × #ideas #Thought 's

× " I Was Thinking Of Adding A Middle Name Too.. I Understand That This Process Will Be Difficult And Maybe Long.. And Alot Of Paper Work.. But My Brith Name Now Only Represents.. Pain...Abuse...Hurt...Unloved.. Invincible.. And I Have Alway's Felt Like I Didn't Belong Anywhere... Not Even In My Adoptive Family They Make Me Feel Like I Don't Belong And That Will Never Show Me Love.. Not Even When I Was Little.. I Know That Everyone Will Probably Hate Me Even More.. But I Need To Become Me My Viking Queen Self.. It's What I Feel More At Home With Than Anything In This World"× Sincerly,☆ SKADI ☆ #ideas #Thoughts


How are you coping in lockdown?

Can anyone recommend something different to do in lockdown besides watching films, sleeping, cleaning, reading and YouTube, running out of ideas now, any tips /ideas will be gratefully appreciated. #newideas #InvisibleIllness #ideas #Lockdown #keepingbusy #tipstokeepmindbusy #Tips


Help on self care ideas in comments

Hello, I am labeling two mason jars. One with “Things to do that are free” and the other one “Things to do under $20” I would love it if you all would write ideas in the comments with the label above the one you are choosing. I want to write your ideas and fold them up and put them in the mason jar of your choice to help get me out of my self isolation routine and go out and do something different each day. (Ex: get a pedicure, go to a book store, etc) anything that comes across your mind :-) I would greatly appreciate the feedback!💕 #selfcare #ideas

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Who else collects doctor trading cards

Like these in the picture. I when I go to the doctor I grab one of each and put them in a binder and have a collection #ChronicIllness #Doctor #tradingcards #Collection #ideas #Doctors #IDEA #collections #tradingcard


What has been an activity that has helped your patient/loved one with Alzheimer's. Such as cards or anything?

My patient enjoys organizing cards by suit then putting them in numerical order. She also loves to watch church videos I play off my phone on youtube. #navigatingalzheimer'sTogether #ideas