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    Cat Lady

    After years of not being able to have cats because one of my kids had allergy induced asthma.. and yep the cat dander was the culprit... he has grown out of it enough that we now have 2 cats and will be adding a final third to our family in a few months.

    This guy was just a teeny guy when we got him and as I’ve walked my journey here lately I’ve found much more comfort and feelings of love when he’s around. He follows me almost everywhere in the house. He’ll run upstairs when I walk upstairs, lay in the kitchen while I’m in there. Sit with me when I’m doing a puzzle.

    He doesn’t purr much, just when he’s kneeling and suckling a throw blanket of mine. He ‘talks to me’ and loves pets.

    It’s amazing and makes me sad all at the same time. I’m allowing myself to feel happiness and comfort and attachment.

    Think of me what you will but I adore this little guy 🥰
    #CPTSD #complexpostraumaticstressdisorder #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #humantraffickingsurvivor #cattherapy #ILoveMyCats #EmbraceGrowth