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#Onestepatatime #TakeItOneDayAtATime

I’ve been devastated & traumatized by this world & this pain I am in. I feel so alone. I’ve been through so much. I usually say take it one day at a time but right now I’m taking it one step at a time. I can’t do more than that.

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Keep on trying

‪Keep on trying, One day at a time, One step at a time‬

‪@marcrebillet-Keep On Trying‬

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#keepgoing #KeepOnTrying #SuicidalThoughts #SuicideAttemptSurvivors #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Depression #TakeItOneDayAtATime #sad

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Perks of Being a Wallflower & It’s kind of a funny story

As someone who is a suicide attempt survivor & has been hospitalized multiple times for bipolar depression & suicidal ideation I have to recommend these two amazing coming of age books/movies Perks of Being a Wallflower & It’s kind of a funny story; that discuss being treated, medicated, hospitalized for mental illness, in a way that is honest, heartfelt, painful & yet ends hopeful. These works of art have changed my life for the better & given me the strength to carry on in some really hard times. They both open a discussion about suicidal thoughts & depression as a medical illness & not some weakness or stigma which resonates with me. If you haven’t before you should check them out!

#MightyBooks #Books #Book #BipolarDepression #SuicidalThoughts #SuicidalIdeation #TakeItOneDayAtATime #Onestepatatime #Stillhere #SuicideAttemptSurvivors #Anxiety #PTSD #Reading #institutionalization #MentalHealth