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I'm Ok #CheckInWithMe

The sun is out, I'm quite content at this moment, and I'm pretty happy. I've had down moments this past week, but today, I'm ok. #Imokay #Happiness #CheckInWithMe #SundayGratitude

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I'm not okay

I went to a ladies' brunch today. My anxiety was eating me alive from inside. I sort of knew one other person there, but everyone else was new to me. I had previously disclosed to the person I knew that I struggled with depression and anxiety. She noticed that I was a bit off and asked if I was okay, but there were several other people there, so I just said yes. I think she might be one of these people who can see through the false response, but the situation didn't allow it. Even though I didn't get the relief of someone understanding today, it helped to feel close to it.

#Anxiety #Imokay #Friendship



These thought won’t shut up. They won’t stop telling how much of a failure I am, how everyone is tired of me because of my illness, how it’d be better if I wasn’t around to annoy everyone with my flare ups, how my parents are probably tired of dealing with my pain. I get these thoughts when my cycle is about to start and I don’t know why. I want to cry but I’m just so fucking tired and in so much damn pain that I can’t. I’m tired of being in pain, I’m tired of going into a flare a week before every fucking period! I..I just want this to stop. I know my parents aren’t tired of me. I know that I’m loved. I know that I’m strong. I know...I know that I’ll be ok. Everything is okay...I just have to breath and continue to tell myself that. #ChronicIllness #Period #Imokay


I feel

Okay. For once this year I feel okay without having to pretend or put a face on. It finally feels nice to feel. #Depression #Imokay