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Does anyone else rely on their pet for comfort?

I bought my cat Simba four years ago, just when I started to get sick. As a kitten, he would only sleep if he was lying on my chest or in the small space between my shoulder and neck.

I spoke to a vet because I was worried. She told me that he will only sleep like that because I’m those positions he could feel my heartbeat, like he would if he were sleeping with his mother cat. He imprinted on me, basically. Now, whenever I’m sick or particularly unwell with one (or more) of my chronic health conditions he won’t leave my side, he lies beside me or on my belly.

My baby Simba makes me want to live. He cheers me up without doing anything but being his usual cute self. He is my everything and I’d be lost without him. #ChronicIllness #ChronicIllnessWarriorsUnite #TherapyPets #Pets #EmotionalSupportAnimal


I accidentally hit the post button on that last thought I posted (which was blank), but it pretty much sums up the part of my community I feel like I belong to. It's very seldom that I get a phone call or a visit in the real world. If I call other people I get hit with one hurtful question...where you needing something? Apparently in today's world you aren't allowed to call just because you care. You must be needing something if you took the time to pick up the phone. I sometimes feel I only exist in cyberspace. My community of friends are the families and children I've met the past two summers volunteering at a camp for children with chronic illness, the people I've met on The Mighty, and the people I've met in online CRPS and gastroparesis support groups.

#52SmallThings #CRPS #Gastroparesis #ChronicIllnessWarriorsUnite