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#This post is to the mighty team

#its to them do to their disrespect to the loss of my baby sisters life!


#Cant sleep #

#its been one hell of a far I have spelt water every whare . I have sinus problems so I have to sleep or try to with my head elevated #There is the water issue some how I knock it over #Have Gerd, not all the time, but I do tonight . #Cant sleep, neck is bothering me also . # It’s a bad night.I do believe I started my day with fiberflare #This night sucks.So far this year sucks. # #keep waiting for my ship to show up # Kesha song 🚀 Space Ship #


#Big Dark Hole #

#its been awhile sense I have written# the doctor has put me on a new medication for bipolar I also take Prozac and Bupropion always more pills , I go Friday to see if it helps # I am to the point of thanking nothing is going to work# The pain from the fibromyalgia , and my degenerative disc disease and gosh a host of other things my sinuses are really bad .#and get headaches all the time.But that has been better because of the medication that works.#and i I feel like my depression ,well I feel like I am on a rollercoaster ,up and down.# OK about that helpI don’t feel anything, I cry a lot it seems more .My kids are all grown up my daughter is in college.And my son is in high school 10 grade.And I turned a certain age and so many feelings . My husband said you need to go workout.He just doesn’t get it # and you don't want to keep saying how bad you hurt or writing your thoughts and people thank she goes again.# it really makes you wander why I'm still here I'm not gonna hurt myself but I just get so depressed I am very dark whole trying two claw myself out of the whole. It's a struggle #

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#chronic pain #its thos Lil things that make me smile #🐾🐾

This is Ms Luna🐾 she keeps me on my toes and keeps me moving lol she’s my lil gift from heaven! Getting me up Rain or Shine 🌻 it’s really hard for me to get up most days, it hurts! A gentle nudge from her alil food for both alil bed hygiene and back to bed... Just gotta keep on keepin on!

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I feel I just want to sleep till spring #Cronic pain #Fibro #pancreatitis #GI #and the list goes on

I hurt everyday all day, I feel such shame and guilt 🌸 Spring just feels like a fresh start a new begining and the fall🍂and the rain are just like the tears that quietly fall down my cheeks #its hard to be stong all the time