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#Cant sleep #

#its been one hell of a night.so far I have spelt water every whare . I have sinus problems so I have to sleep or try to with my head elevated #There is the water issue some how I knock it over #Have Gerd, not all the time, but I do tonight . #Cant sleep, neck is bothering me also . # It’s a bad night.I do believe I started my day with fiberflare #This night sucks.So far this year sucks. # #keep waiting for my ship to show up # Kesha song 🚀 Space Ship #

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#My pride and joy

#BipolarDisorder , today I look at this picture that always brings a smile to my face. She is my newest grandbaby who turns one next month. I am blessed beyond measure, but my heart is heavy and my mood is dark 🤬 I am tired of my life heading in a good direction and then taking an unexpected turn for the worse. It gives me time to reflect on my past and ponder my future, but it’s the uncertain situation and scary unforeseen future that I always drown in like today that I want to learn to deal with in a healthy way. It’s like I have dark tunnel vision and until I find that place where everything is back in its right place that I feel like I am drowning and alone. Just sharing my thoughts helps, so thank you for listening. #Have a great and blessed day! 😇 #


#Have nowhere to go.

I have been living in my car for about a month. I have been staying in a parking lot for a few weeks and the police have seen me there as they doing their patrol and have not bothered me. Then this morning about 2am I am woken up by a siren and the officer speaking on the load speaker with the spot light in my face telling me I can’t sleep in my car and if I don’t leave in 1 minute I will be arrested and my car impounded. What a wonderful country and state I am a citizen of. Where you can’t afford rent, can’t get SSI when you are disabled mentally and physically, and can’t live in your car when times are tough and have nowhere to call home. Isn’t that great, a pandemic is crippling the country, we are told to isolate to stop the spread. So instead of going to an over crowded shelter, I chose to stay in my car where I’m safely isolating myself and have a roof over my head. But that’s illegal, and the cops are harassing me because I don’t have a home but they are releasing rapist and child molesters from jail because 1 inmate tested positive for Covid-19. This country needs to pull their heads out of their anal cavity and get there priorities inline. And stop hurting the less fortunate more than they are hurting already. Life just isn’t fair and gets more depressing every day. And that my friends is why I have tried to end it twice in two months, will someone give me something to believe in.



#Have any of you been diagnosed with tm and then eight years later told you it’s not tm but myelopathy?



#Have appointment with my doctor, will wear two paper masks, will have blood and trine tested....how dangerous will it be in doctor’s office (my immunity is poor)...?

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Only one thing left to do... #Selfcare

No cure for what I got.
No idea what else is wrong.
Flarin' again, because... snow...
Seriously. Only one thing left to do. 🤪
Prayers for all of us...

#Have A Better Day

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