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Physically: to go to bed early and rest up for the massive work week I have starting tomorrow, to drink more water, and to just slow down for once.

Emotionally: to stop worrying so much and to not be so hard on myself. Being content with what I'm able to do instead of beating myself up for what I can't do he's always been a very difficult thing for me. I need to stop listening to the people who don't believe me and trust that I know my limitations.

Overall: to take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and know I'm doing the best I can. ❤

#Zebra #Undiagnosed #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #Endometriosis #InterstitialCystitis #ntos #PCOS #SpinalCordInjury #autoimmune #Chronicpainwarrior #Anxiety #CPTSD #Depression #Iwontgiveup #keepfighting #Rare

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It’s a Xanax and popcorn kind of night #MentalHealth

I am trying so hard to relax and be present in the moment. Trying to wrap my kids’ and husband’s gifts. But that anxiety stays on at the back burner even when I am feeling “good.” Gotta turn it off. Gonna try to shut it off with pop corn and Xanax... lol hope it works. I won’t let anxiety steal my motherhood experience. Or the joys that I could be feeling.
#Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether #Depression #Iwontgiveup #Childhoodtrauma

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