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How can you tell your anxiety is getting worse?

Anxiety can manifest in many ways: avoiding things you know you shouldn’t, nail-biting, disrupted sleep and more. Sometimes, the symptoms aren’t even noticeable at first (or at all). That’s why we want to know what “red flags” alert you to your anxiety ramping up. 🚩

When we know what signs to look for, others can better support you. You may also be able to be more proactive in managing your anxiety before it continues to escalate.

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#knowthesigns of #Depression and advocate for #SuicideAwareness #yourlifematters #MentalHealth #PTSD I have battled depression and overcome it many times so I send you hope if you are struggling! Reach out!!! There is help out there!!!


Thank you!

#Depression #knowthesigns until a few years ago I thought I was lazy and messy until someone showed me I was crying for help.


Down the rabbit hole again..... #knowthesigns

Today happens to be my birthday. I don't want your congratulations. I share this because I am a senior citizen still struggling, after a lifetime of battling depression and anxiety. I am so tired of this up and down, back and forth, the depth of the depression growing as I age and my inability to cope getting stronger and stronger. I used to wish I were dead. Now, I truly wish I had NEVER been born. Nothing I have experienced in my life has been so magnificent that, were I never to have walked the Earth, anyone's existence would have been lessened. I do not have a support system. The mental health worker I see dispenses the same old meds and sees me out the door. I moved a year ago from the east coast to the west, so I'm a fish out of water and a human with no humanity around her. Only others who have experienced this battle with chronic REALLY understand and sympathize. Many believe I can "will" this away. Really??? Ithink what I might need is one person to talk with regularly. I need to know there is one person who cares about me. I don't need a party; I need a hug and a word of encouragement.... Truth: I was having a very bad evening last week and called Suicide Prevention to hear a compassionate voice. I was put on hold because of the call volume.... kinda says it all, eh?!?