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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is BabyGirl1986. I'm here because
My son passed away at 23 years old with Acute Myloid Leukemia, diagnosed in April and passed away in September. My heart is broken and my life is shattered, I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing now. #MightyTogether

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Information, support.

How do you cope with having a family member who has #Leukemia ? How did you feel when you found out?
I found out a family member has it on Thanksgiving this year and I cried a lot. I was also angry and later appreciated that they chose to keep it from me since April when they were diagnosed. Looking back now I know that mentally and emotionally I would not have been able to handle that news. When I first found out I had so many questions and emotions running through me. How do I help them? How painful is it? Is it terminal? How long will this last? How often do they have to go for treatment? Is the treatment painful? Why do they get infections from the ports? Etc., etc... it's endless. I still have little answers to this.

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Benefits of Nutmeg

Did you know nutmeg trees are evergreens? They grow mostly in the Spice Islands of Indonesia.
Nutmeg is a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect against the signs of aging, cancer, heart disease, and liver disease.
Nutmeg has lots of health benefits, including its ability to relieve pain, soothe indigestion, strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function, prevent leukemia, and improve blood circulation. Many of us suffer from depression, anxiety or even both. It's always best to aim for natural remedies, and there is no better one than nutmeg. Nutmeg contains myristicin and elemicin, two significant compounds. By working together, they relax your brain and act like a mild sedative. Nutmeg also promotes serotonin and other neurotransmitter production in the brain.
Ancient Romans and Greeks noticed the benefits of nutmeg on the mind right away. They made it into a tonic and drank it to prepare for grueling mental challenges. Nutmeg improves your brain's sharpness and memory capacity.
Having difficulties sleeping at night? Give nutmeg a try. It can work as a natural sedative and calm your body down. Because it's so soothing, you can relax and fall asleep easier than ever. It's a natural sleep aid.
Many experts either advise adding nutmeg to your diet or taking nutmeg-based medicines.
Myristicin is not only useful for battling stress and sharpening your mind. This essential oil that is present in nutmeg allows you to get rid of any joint or muscle pain. This is because it has many anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn't only reduce pain. It also battles swelling, infections and other possible detrimental factors. To get the full effect, use nutmeg oil. Mixing it with coconut oil or olive oil, you get relief from the critical area of any possible pain. Adding a little bit of spice to your cooking might also help. Problems with acne? Nutmeg is another healthy food full of antioxidants. In fact, it's so abundant with them, there aren't many foods that can treat skin conditions better and faster. The antioxidants in nutmeg have multiple ways of battling acne and skin conditions. They prevent free radicals from multiplying too much. Also, inflammation and irritation will be a thing of the past. If you have acne scars, rub a little nutmeg oil into them. They will start being less noticeable on a daily basis.
Nutmeg has many benefits to the digestive tract. From nausea, vomiting, indigestion and bloating, and Crohn's disease – it eliminates everything. Many people face digestion problems because they have a high amount of intestinal juice. The essential oils lower the concentration of juice. Some studies have also shown that nutmeg is an excellent fast-acting solution for diarrhea. It brings the colon and the esophagus back to normal.
Nutmeg also has incredible antibacterial properties. Tooth decay happens by neglecting to clean food particles from your mouth. Those particles attract bacteria, which can infect your mouth. Nutmeg has a strong antibacterial effect. On consuming it, all those bacteria will go in a matter of minutes. You can also eat a bit in the morning. It’s excellent for preventing bad breath.
Nutmeg is full of nutrients. Add antioxidants to that, & you get an efficient system against diseases & infections. Antioxidants are important. They prevent free radicals from spreading & reduces infection. Potassium, calcium, & iron are also key ingredients.
Thinking about adding nutmeg to your diet? No more than a half teaspoon daily is recommended.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Tammy1054. I'm here because you can lose your job for not being ABLE TO "keep up at work" CHRONIC LEUKEMIA SUCKS

#MightyTogether #Depression #Cancer Cancer#Cancers

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I am new here

Hi all, I'm very tech savvy but for some reason I'm having difficulties navigating this site. So ypu might see 2 posts from me 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was diagnosed with CML and Cervical cancer in 2005. I have 2 autoimmune diseases and heart disease. My CML story was featured on here April 21. I didn't know it had been posted until I searched and there it was. 8 hours of taping squeezed into 4 minutes is funny. There are a few misedited info but nothing crazy, just personal info, such as, I I have 3 months until I'm 58 and I no longer have a fiancé. I'm ok with that but the rest of my life is a disaster. Feel free to follow, hit me up, whatever. I'll figure this out. 😂 #ChronicMyelogenousLeukemia #cml #Leukemia

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My Kid Needs More Mental Health Support

Part 1 of 2 Why I Wish My Kid Had Leukemia

First, let me say a disclaimer. I don’t wish any person, much less a child, to have to deal with a health condition. But sometimes I think it would be a lot easier to deal with Leukemia than it would with mental illness.

A few years back my friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. She posted the diagnosis on FB, including the outlined treatment plan, timeline, and overall good prognosis– but long road ahead. I immediately went out and bought some gifts to send to her daughter and son (siblings need attention too) to help with the days ahead. She would continue to update on FB– things would be going well and then they wouldn’t. She went through chemo, she would spike fevers, and end up in the ER. She had a Make-A-Wish trip granted. All of this is posted on Facebook and all the posts I would “love” or send thoughts and prayers to. They would talk about how appreciative they were of all the support from friends and families. Their work was flexible with them and friends helped out. By no means was it an easy journey, but it was definitely a socially acceptable journey. She made it through all the treatments and is in remission and has been for years now. She is healthy.

Mental health struggles are not like this. We knew early on that our son had “struggles.” By 2 years old we were struggling. By 4 he was in Occupational Therapy, thinking maybe we could address some of the “sensory needs” and “self-regulation” pieces. He was anxious but yet wild. He would be withdrawn, but yet take risks. Being in the nursery at church was awful for him. Sunday School he would scream, cry and take off running— and would never come to the point of self-soothing. He loved sports, but wouldn’t step on the field. We went, week after week, We made social stories to prepare him. We did tokens and incentives. Punishments and consequences. Nothing worked.

By 5 he was in therapy. I clearly remember sitting in the therapist’s office as she asked him to write some things he was proud of. He freaked out, tore things up, and climbed the furniture. I cried. I knew that a child with low self-esteem, high anxiety, and high impulsivity did not have an easy road ahead. I work in a high school– I know what path those traits lead to.

So we tried in-home therapy. He kicked the therapists. She told us this was an issue of power and control and we needed to set firmer limits. We would set limits and we would have to physically restrain our 5-year-old to keep him safe. He would cry, He would yell. He would spit, He would fall asleep in the middle of the floor exhausted from the physical and emotional toll it would take on him. We would cry ourselves to sleep.

We tried OT again. We talked to the school. We talked to the pediatrician. There was no blood work to point us in a direction. There was no timeline or prognosis. There were just lots of “possible” diagnoses. We tried a new therapist. We did new testing. This testing showed “off the charts” in ADHD and “off the charts” in anxiety. He was a high-energy, very anxious, struggling 7-year-old. We debated on medication. Would it change him? Would it help? Would it make it worse? Were we taking the easy way out? But tests don’t lie, right? So we started medication for ADHD and saw some results. And then we didn’t.

So we started therapy again. And through therapy, more things started to come out. And behaviors continued at home. Were these behaviors from hyperactivity or anxiety? Then there were things about OCD. Was this different than Anxiety or just another piece of it? Do we need more medications? Different medications? No medications? Was it even OCD? We tried new medications. We tried an online course in battling OCD. Things were better. And then they weren’t.

Things at home got worse. The impact on the siblings increased. The older sibling got angry. The younger sibling got worried.. The impact on my relationship with my husband increased. When your child has Leukemia you work together, as a united front, to fight this awful illness. When it is mental health and behaviors you blame each other. You are too strict. You’re not strict enough. Let me handle this. Why do I have to handle everything? He’s crying. I’m crying. We’re all yelling. And then things get better. Is it the meds? Is it sports? Is it the change in weather? Is this remission? No, mental illness doesn’t have remission.

And then things get really bad. Is it puberty? Are we on too many meds? What if we weren’t on meds? What if we’re on the wrong meds? The mental games never end. And the damage escalates. And the behaviors escalate. If he was throwing up and losing his hair, a symptom of the chemotherapy, we would comfort him. And post it on Facebook. And everyone would send us though

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