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Cooking dinner now cuz if I don't do it now it'll go bad

And I've got a few spoons to spare right now. It's sun-dried tomato and basil marinated chicken breast. I'm gonna slice it for sandwiches.

I'll freeze one of them for future meals. I'm trying to stretch my food out cuz I don't know if I have enough food til June 11th. I got a lot of meat when I went shopping.

#mealprep #CheerMeOn

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Meatloaf- easier than it looks #Nourishment #Parenting #mealprep #cowdens #ASD #Emotions #feelings #Surviving

How I did it
Lay a piece of parchment paper on a disposable cookie sheet
Mix a basic meatball mix - and I mean basic I used ground beef eggs breadcrumbs salt and pepper
Then I flattened it into an oblong shape on the cookie sheet on top of that I layed facon (beef bacon) spiralized carrots and defrosted frozen spinach( with tbe liquid squeezed out) then I rolled it jelly roll style and baked it. While it was baking I had a pan with water and rosemary sprigs under it. #delicious #allusedup #eatwithyoureyes #Caregiver #nourishyoursoul #nourishmentbistro

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Uber Eats has been a godsend!

Hear me out. Pre uber eats times. I had to make sure I had a full fridge with at least a week of meals prepared in advance incase of a flare up.

The amount of time, orginisation it took, and not to mention space. It was just exhausting. But it had to be done, I needed something I could chuck in a microwave incase I couldn’t cook.

But Uber eats! Now I dont need to panic about how much food I have ready, because I can jump on the app, and it arrives at my door. It has saved me so much time and so much stress. #ChronicPain #FlareUps #Endometriosis #prepared #mealprep #ubereats #timesaver

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Meal prep thoughts

Anyone else have trouble meal prepping? People always tell me to meal prep but I dont know what I'll be able to eat day to day. Nausea and other factors from my chronic illness make it impossible to determine. Frequently I go to protien shakes, plain pasta with veggies, or other bland and easy to eat foods. Anyone else have problems like this?
#chronicallyill #Migraines #nausea #mealprep