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What if there was no more cell phones??

Would this have a negative or positive impact on your life???
I remember when there were no cell phones there was lees stress #PTSD #mentalhealh

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I want to reborn #mentalhealh I wanna come off medication and start to feel the world around me, being emotional, I don’t want be flat, I don’t want be racional and high and low all the time. I wanna feel love .... god please help me, only you can cure me. #please


Falling...failing #

I am completely overwhelmed by my world right now. I have been blessed with the most wonderful lady in the world to be my fiance. Due to her epilepsy, she has acquired dementia. She is my love, my best friend, my world.. She has begun to forget some things. I have severe anxiety as well as depression and IBS. There are some tasks which are a normal part of."ADULTING" which I truly struggle with. One of my biggest challenges is finances. Paying the bills stresses me terribly. My fiance, Mary, has managed both of our finances for the 5 1/2 years we've been together. She has forgotten a few over the course of the past several months. Let me be clear that I am not placing blame on her but rather myself for being such a mess that I can't manage my bills!! I recently discovered us to be behind significantly. I have lost my health insurance, which will prevent me from getting medications that I need for my "challenges" I have missed work yesterday and will again today, compounding anxiety and a feeling of complete failure. Ironically, I am Mary's rock and only support system. Thankfully, she is mine. I truly adore her and waited forever to meet someone as special as she. I am failing her and that makes me feel worthless and without hope.
#mentalhealh #Depression #Anxiety #IBS #failure #I 'm sorry