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Out of thin air #Anxiety #hide #middleage

Even on a nice peaceful Sunday it strikes me without warning. The fast heart rate, cold sweat and heavy breathing…. Anxiety attack for no apparent reason. Wtf? What’s that all about, trying to distance myself from it with work but it’s futile.
I cannot let my kids see me like this under any curcumstances, I need to keep up perception of strong man, but who am I kidding…..

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The perfect life

My life is perfect... at least on paper. Relatively good health, good job blA bla bla. But at night when the dust settles and I closed yet another day in my “perfect” life, the demons show up. They constantly remind me of the things I need and should have. They tell me about the things I did wrong and why I’m alone. They also tell me, it’s dangerous to venture outside other than to go to my perfect car and drive to my perfect job. I’m so damm alone and I’m feeling so empty inside. I’ve been diagnosed with Felression, OCD (had to google that one) ADD and best of all PTSD. The solution? Here’s a pill or 2 or 10... the doc asking me “what do you think we should try” well dude your the F expert, you tell me lol

Anyways rant over for now! #Depression #middleage #explode #ADHD #Desperate

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What do you say when... #Dating #middleage #Disability #ChronicMigraines #autoinflammatory #Depression #Anxiety

At almost 42, I have the dating experience of the average 23 year old (in the US.) I want to know I've tried, physical disabilities and depression/anxiety struggles or no. So I'm going to, but....

When on disability, and with no job for over 5 years now, what does one say when the inevitable small talk that makes up the getting-to-know-you phase happens? I feel I have nothing to offer except for an extensive list of health issues.


Self harm in adults #Selfharm #Depression #Anxiety #middleage

This is my first post here. I enjoy the support this app offers. I have a question. I am a mental health professional but deal with my own mental health issues. The one I would like to ask about is are there adults here that self injure? I have most of my life with periods of abstinence. Right now things are bad. The SH is effecting my mental and physical health. However when I read the literature on self injury on individuals my age it is almost non existent. Am I just that screwed up or are there others in early middle age the self harm? Thanks so much for reading.


Many small things #52SmallThings #middleage #Health

I have many small things I am working on, and most are related to health. I am diligent about taking my meds but mental health in middle age is harder: I also need to have a healthier diet, make appointments for mammogram and neurology check, exercise more, and do other stuff that is too dull to list. For today, for my first week, I am going to eat more vegetables and less sugar.

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Hello Community!

I’m recently diagnosed - the day before my 50th birthday 😄 in fact.
I’ve suffered from exhaustion, weight gain, painful joints, lethargy, memory loss and, as this coincided with menopause, one GP prescribed anti-depressants.
But thank goodness for the one young, recently-qualified GP who decided to do thyroid blood tests to get to the bottom of what was wrong with me.
I’m now on Thyroxine but no improvements as yet. I take it this will be a long road to regaining energy, motivation and weight loss.
Menopausal? Don’t write off your symptoms as “just your age”. Find a doctor who’s willing to investigate and you’ll feel so relieved that you’re not going crazy!
#menopause #ChronicIllness #middleage