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    I just started going to a new psychiatrist for the first time since I was 18. Over the past couple years, I learned that I am diagnosed with mixed depression (depression with mixed features). Now with my new psychiatrist he believes I have bipolar disorder. I’ve never had a manic/hypomanic episode, but I’ve experienced mixed episodes over the past decade, especially during spring & fall.

    But I feel lost because I agree with my depression w/mixed features. Now I feel like I’m doubting myself all over again and I don’t know what to do or how to feel.
    My new medications are working well which is great, but I’m still struggling. I’m keeping busy because if I slow down I’m just going to
    Be sad. Just ugh.

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    A new diagnosis

    Today, my therapist officially said that I have depression with mixed features. She gave me this diagnosis because even though it’s extremely similar to bipolar disorder, she didn’t want to give me the hefty diagnosis; and haven’t had a full fledged manic or hypomanic episode (because I’ve experienced mixed episodes). But also because of the stigma tied to bipolar disorder. So the next step for me is going to a psychiatrist who’s going to do testing to back up the diagnosis and then start medication on top of therapy.
    But this has been something I’ve been working in for two years. Trying to understand how my brain works. It’s really such a relief to be validated. Because I’ve been saying I’ve been experiencing mixed episodes for years now. I can finally breathe.
    #Depression #MixedFeatures #MixedEpisodes #BipolarDisorder #Diagnosis


    Depression w/Mixed Features or Bipolar Disorder? Can anyone else describe their experiences with these?

    Over the past 5yrs I’ve been struggling with episodes that have confused the hell out of me and definitely scare me (I’m very hyper aware). I’ve noticed that my moods do cycle more the older I get. I dealt with chronic every day depression from the ages of 14-17. Then at 17 I started had the first episode that change my view on my mental health. I’m pretty sure during spring and summer I dealt with mixed episodes. I didn’t sleep at all for over a day. Super agitated, paranoid, anxious, reckless, uncomfortable energy.. The time after that at 19 during spring, I found myself in another episode where I was incredibly agitated, irritable, uncomfortable energy, not sleeping as much, reckless with self harm, and racing thoughts. I’m almost 23 now and I’ve dealt with all of these symptoms spring and towards the end of summer early fall. The last time was august of last year I recall an episode like that. It was like I had to sit on my hands so I couldn’t do what my brain wanted. Whenever these happen I’m like wiped out for over a week, then slammed back into a depression. Since March, I’ve been doing okay, not any too intense episodes, but I feel like I’m slowly spirally with the incoming new season. It’s so exhausting to deal with this as well as so isolating. I’ve been told by a therapist I had for a few months it was bipolar 2, and psychologist friends and family are leaning towards depression with mixed features. I honestly don’t even know anymore. I’m starting to feel really isolated and sad. I constantly feel like I have to explain myself all the time because I don’t think anyone gets it. I just want to understand myself. (I’m seeing a therapist and soon a psychiatrist)
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    #Bipolar with #MixedFeatures

    I had my diagnosis appointment today. I have been diagnosed with bi polar with mixed features and been prescribed #Lamotrigine not sure how I feel about it yet. Any advice or anything anyone can give me?