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Does bipolar meds cause blurry vision? #Lamotrigine #Sertraline

At first I thought, well maybe it's time to get an eye exam which I did. My vision had a slight change my doc said nothing major. Iv e been taken meds on and off for roughly 8-10 months now and it seems about that long. It worries me im only 46 and I feel blind. I wonder if all meds cause this? Any #suggestions or #experience
#Bipolar #MentalHealth

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Super depressed , crying , headache , feeling hopeless… hot flashes ? Been on it for 3 weeks ? Been depressed the whole time … if anyone can help shed some light 💡 or thier experience .. give me some hope too hang in there or get the heck off ! I’m tired 😪 #Lamotrigine #Bipolar #imnotgorthesesideeffects


Lamotrigine, Depakote, and insane nightmares

BP1 on 200mg Lamotrigine 1500mg Dep-kite for 2 years, and honestly (all things 2020 considered) doing pretty well and stable for a while now. But recently... THE NIGHTMARES! Violent, terrifying lucid dreams where I am being hunted, abused, or (somehow worst of all) being persecuted for “not being good enough” and rejected.

In my waking life I have been able to manage things, thanks to a compassionate psychologist, loving wife, and much practice with meditation, mindfulness, and a scheduled healthy regimen. I used to hate the day, but now that is rarely the case. Now I FEAR the night.

SUCH LUCID DREAMS! and horrible ones! I am fully aware of it like I’m wearing a VR headset; I can look around, interact with stuff, make choices...... but everything is dark and twisted and full of malice. I awake many times either in cold sweat or screaming profanity and thrashing. Last night I awoke screaming “F*** you, you f***ing piece of s*** you don’t f***ing tell me what to f***ing do.” Like 100 decibel screaming. Scared the wife half to death and the bed was sweat thoroughly. Again.

10th night in row. 20+ this month. Anyone else with BP taking these meds experienced this? Kinda scared to sleep again tonight...... #Bipolar1Disorder #Lamotrigine #Depakote #Nightmares


#excessiveweightgain and #Lamotrigine ? Lamotrigine not controlling anxiety or depression?

Hi All,
This is my 1st time posting. My PCP put me on lamotrigine less than 3 months ago. In that time I've gained 35lbs, my diet and exercise routine has not changed at all. The only thing she's told me, when I bring it up at our twice a month visits, is maybe my body is starving itself and I need to start exercising more but that the meds wouldn't cause it. I'm lost, the meds aren't working and she refuses to put me back on the ones that controlled my anxiety, ability to sleep, controlled my ADHD and didn't cause this unbearable weight gain. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow and I'm hoping he'll be able to address and adjust my meds but I'm afraid, what if he doesn't? #weightgain #excessiveweightgain #Lamotrigine


Has anyone had their #Lamotrigine levels tested before? #BloodTests #BipolarDepression

my doctor just did a blood test for my Lamotrigine... i'm on 200mg 1day. it came back low but I have NO idea what that means... does that mean I'm growing tolerant?


#Lamotrigine #Lamictal joint pain?

I’ve been taking Lamotrigine for about 8 weeks. Now at 100mg for 4 weeks, I’m having joint pain especially in my knees/hips, and shooting pains down my shins. Anyone have this side effect? I the take other meds, but this is a new symptom


Lamitogine for PTSD??

Has anyone been on #Lamotrigine ? I’m diagnosed with #PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder (Not #BipolarDepression ) and am currently in weekly therapy as I go through #thecouragetoheal book. I’ve been having some big mood swings and emotional breakdowns lately and my psychiatrist changed me to lamotrigine from Imipramine. The side effects are a bit worrisome so I would love to hear others experience. This will be the 8th med change since 2015 and I’m beginning to feel like I may never find what can work for me. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.
#Recovery #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #Nightmares #Trauma #Therapy #PsychiatricMedication #medicationresistant


Risperidone #Lamotrigine #lithium - I’m on these medications for #BipolarDisorder Does anyone find they make it harder to think?

I find it really hard to hold a conversation, like quickly thinking of answers to questions, or what to say next.
Also, my memory is shocking and my ability to take in new information isn’t great- anyone else found this?


How do you feel if you skip or take later your lamictal/lamotrigine?

Hi sometimes on weekends I take my pills later or even skip it, and then I feel really bad for the rest of the day or 2... tired, sad, depressed, irritable... how about you guys?
#Lamotrigine #BipolarDisorder


Defeated and itchy

Feeling a little defeated today. It marked the 3rd week of Lamotrigine and I woke up with the dreaded rash. My doctor says to discontinue use immediately and monitor it to be sure it's not Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which in itself is scary AF. But assuming the rash goes away without further complications, I'm still left with "What do I do now?" This was only the 1st med I've tried to manage my mood episodes and I know there are plenty more to try out there, but I was really hoping this one would work. Aside from the life-threatening rash thing, it seemed to carry the lowest risk of undesirable side effects. I see the dr next week but until then I just feel like a failure. How many meds did you guys have to try to get the right combo? #Bipolar2 #Bipolar #BipolarDepression #Lamotrigine #StevensJohnsonSyndrome #PsychiatricMedication