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For the past 3yrs, I have gone through three different therapists and psychiatrists with second opinions about my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. It's gone from bipolar 2 to mixed depression and now back to bipolar disorder and depression.

My question is, has anyone else diagnosed with bipolar disorder never had a manic or hypomanic episode but has had mixed episodes? I have only ever experienced mixed episodes. I just wanted to see if anyone else on here experienced something similar to me. I haven't experienced a full-fledged mixed episode since 2019, but I have had symptoms and depressive episodes. #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Depression #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #MixedEpisodes

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Appreciation post. From me to YOU

I just wrote this as a reply to a comment but I’ll repost it here. So you can see it too. It is my most sincere thank YOU.

I just joined Mighty, something I never even knew existed until last saturday. Ive spent the past couple of days going on and on and on about my life .. kinda like a cathartic series of monologues about pieces of me that ive hardly ever talked about before…all with strangers … humpf
as i read their stories, related to their doubts, learned from their experiences, i felt something taking over me … something i couldnt quite figure out at the time … ive been feeling so weird lately with so many mixed episodes that putting a label on it kinda felt pointless.

Now , after 3 days , it finally hit me…that unfamiliar “something” was actually me feeling Seen for the first time in a long time. Thanks to you here in this community …through your courage, your pain, your joy , your lessons, I saw myself. I saw myself as normal. Like you.
A group of strangers who inadvertently saved my life during what could have been a very sad ( and regretful ) weekend.
Im grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” #BipolarDisorder #Mania #BipolarDepression #MentalHealth #PTSD #MixedEpisodes #Anxiety #Depression #manicdepression

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Anybody with BD Mixed features? Can anyone also feel the switch happening ? How do you cope?

Its so weird how, For example , in the middle of a conversation I realize im starting to take things veeeery personally, Things i normally wouldnt. I have to stop the other person and literally say: “ok,lets come back to this later, what you re saying and what im hearing are different things” . Manic depressive episodes scare the hell out of me… When my mood is crashing, the emptiness is so so so harsh I dont even want to get back to “normal” because i think normal is useless, not worth the trouble. I dont wanna bother people because im always afraid they ll think i just want attention. Last time my sister told me i kept repeating “even when im doing my best im not enough” and that lasted for 5 days after a webinar that didnt go as i hoped. Im not new to mistakes. I normally see them as lessons and a chance to do better.. but when im down.. uff. Im so afraid of what i might do to end the hopelessness : (
#BipolarDisorder #Mania #MixedEpisodes #MixedState #MentalHealth #PTSD

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#BipolarDisorder #Livingontherollercoaster #highs &lows #Mania #Depression #MixedEpisodes

Just wanted to share this with my Bipolar support group as an informative tool or guide you can save & look at whenever you need too! Of course I'm not a Dr & you should always follow the advice of your mental health professionals & your Doctor's! But I figured it could help some of us that doesn't exactly have Dr or anything right now! I hope this helps everyone!! ✌️💚☯️💪🙋

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#Mentalhealthmemes #MakeMeLaugh #DistractMe #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #MixedEpisodes

Sorry about the S word! But I thought this was cute & light & funny to send this early morning hours of Monday!! ✌️💚☯️💪🙋


Do you all tend to have mixed states and go to baseline when it ends, or do they slide into an up or down before you stabilize? They're newish to me.



Could I be entering a mixed #Bipolar episode? 🤔

I know the DSM says if you have bipolar 2 you cannot have mixed states, but I have also read many mood disorder specialists who disagree. I feel so lonely and bored, yet uninterested in anything and restless; all wound-up inside, yet tired outside; irritable and agitated, and it feels really weird and I don’t like it... mixed state? This is my least favorite feeling, even worse than depression. #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDisorder #MixedEpisodes


Odd Hypomanic Technology Issues

Reposting to make sense: Does anyone have issues with technology when hypomanic/mixed? Like phones or computers glitching/not working properly or not working at all. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve noticed that this happens when I’m really up and sometimes when I’m having a mixed episode. I’ve always thought I was dilusional, but other people notice it. It’s really weird. I’m hoping I’m not alone with this.. #Bipolar2Disorder #Hypomania #MixedEpisodes #BipolarDisorder


#BipolarDisorder #MixedEpisodes

I am feeling... manic and depressed and anxious-- simultaneously :(

I am irritable and on edge-- One moment I am euphoric and on top of the world, only to flip into sadness for no apparent reason at all.

My thoughts are racing-- Very random thoughts, it feels like I am 'high,' only I have not had alcohol, marijuana, or caffeine in a quite a while (never a common thing for me anyway).

I cannot concentrate at all-- my #ADHD and #SensoryProcessingDisorder seem amplified at the moment. Sounds are too loud, more than normal (and I'm already sensitive to begin with). I cried in front of a coworker at work yesterday, not sure why.

One may think I'm fine because I am so self aware, but that is not the case-- my mind is making things difficult and I know I'm talking too much and sleep is off/on.

The irritability and anxiety is the worst; plus no appetite. I feel my immediately family, while they care, they do not always 'get it'. That's not their fault, none of them have bipolar (they understand depression and anxiety, but not mania/mixed episodes).

I am also behind on school work, should I ask my professor for an extension (without giving detail as the specifics of the situation?)???

Messaged my doctor. I am waiting to hear back, may need a slight meds adjustment.


This may sound a bit out there but does anyone ever experience technology issues when you are hypomanic or in a mixed episode? Phones, computers, etc.

#Hypomania #MixedEpisodes