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No Motivation

Lately I’ve been so burned out & can’t seem to find any motivation. Photography use to calm me down, & take me away from reality, but lately I feel like I have to force that, & then I don’t feel like messing with the photos afterwards. I posted a photo I took recently. I hope I can get inspired to get back into my photography more. Music has been my saving grace quite a bit recently. Sometimes it’s all I wanna do, listen to music..
#Depression #Anxiety #Monstersinmyhead #Nomotivation #burnedout #Photography

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The monster out the box

This is the monster I let out the box . She was not always like this.. I Held her captive for many years, anger, sadness and resentment has turned her into my monster. #Art #Depression #Anxiety #anger #Monstersinmyhead #personality #darkside


Monsters #BipolarDepression #monsters #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #MentalHealth #Monstersinmyhead #worthless

Trapped in my head
Where the monsters live
Ripping at my soul
What mask today will I unfold
Tell the world that I’m okay
Make it through another day
I love you and I’m here for you
What do you need me, my dear, to do
Good morning, smile. It will be a great day
Somebody please take this hurt away
You can do it I know it
Just try again
How have I lost so many friends
Hell yeah let’s party go get a drink
Take me away from the time to think
Home alone I close the door
Pain and sorrow take me to the floor
I need to scream and hash it out
Explore my world overwhelmed with doubt.
The morning sun smears out the night
Pull on the mask, shine a ray of dark light.
One more day mask who you are
Always be that dim shining star.