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Natures Present

Natures present. Whilst we only truly exist in the now it can be so easy to drift off mentally into the history of the past or the mystery of the future. These places open up the torturous paths of anxiety and depression if we are unable to return to the present moment. In Mother Nature you will find a myriad of detail and if you look closer you will focus the mind on the moment and open your eyes to an incredible world so easily overlooked. So many wonders to enjoy, vibrant, pure and joyous so if your problems appear big look for something small and enjoy time and space in the present. #Depression #Anxiety #MotherNature #Present

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#MotherNature #Healing #CPTSD #Anxiety #selfcarelounge

🤔🤨🧐 When I seen this I thought it was very interesting & something I've never really thought about actually. I've always known & was taught at school that trees & plants are a living species, just like we are! They need oxygen, water, sun light & sometimes a little bit of love & nurturing! Tree roots branch out so far underground, trying to find some other tree roots that it can come into contact with & prosper & make more trees! I've always been attracted to big trees my whole life! I used to be a tomboy & used to love climbing in trees & just being places where there's lots of beautiful big trees! I have always somehow knew this information, but never put 2 & 2 together until I seen this post online & started to think about all the times I was going through it or having an anxiety attack & I went for a walk & would find a nice big beautiful tree to sit under & I always walked away feeling so much better! I've always loved trees, always felt a special connection to trees, bcuz heck w/out them we couldn't survive! If the trees go away Mother Nature & our Earth 🌎 will be devastated beyond anything we can even imagine! So for the rest of my Mighty 💪 family here's a #Spoonieslifehack ✌️💖☯️💪🙋‍♀️

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Mother Nature's gift.

Sometimes, in my darkest hours, Mother Nature sends me her gifts.
This is my view from my bed. The place where I spend too much time.
#Depression #DepressionandADHD #ADHD #Hope #sunset #MotherNature


Mother nature

Mother nature is weeping.
She sees us and what we are doing to her.
Taking advantage of her.
Ripping her apart.
She created beauty,
We are just tearing it apart.
The forests are burning rapidly each year.
The water levels rising at a fast rate.
Animals are going extinct because of us.
The sea life is getting consumed by our trash.
The weather is changing and its for the worse.
Mother nature is frustrated and disappointed.
We are destroying her.
We need to take action now before she rots away.

#poems #MightyPoets #Depression #MentalHealth #Nature #MotherNature #writer

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Consumed with possible symptoms #52SmallThings

Dissecting my every thought , movement, feeling.
I’ve been stirring my own proverbial pot to a frenzy.

Today, for the three...physical, mental and emotional, I need to watch and listen to the birds, feel the ground underneath my bare feet, feel the warmth on my cheeks...
Today, I need my Mother Nature to rock me to calmness. #MixedBipolarDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety

#52SmallThings #MotherNature #Nature

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