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Little Moments Like This

I received a notice from SOOP that poetry book we entitled CPS: Crimes, Corruption & Chaos was chosen within thr selected 20 to win editorial assistance with their project

You need a min of 5o votes to win. So I am asking my family of #writer #poets #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #SuicideAttemptSurvivors #Love #Loneliness #PTSD #justice #freedom The book encompass so many feelings and brings forth the reality of lived life, survivor of abuse, DV. Injustices by the state that have not been investigated. Reading poetry will bring forth creativity, a zest for productivity and an appreciation for seeing someone rise from being broken, beaten, bruised and Blessed

(Excerpt from my upcoming book CPS: Crimes. Corruption & Chaos)

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My Impending Doom (non-suicidal)

When I was around the age of 31, I had a dream that I wouldn't make it past 36. It has strangely stuck with me all these years and now I'm 34 and in less then half a year will be 35. I can't shake this feeling of early death. To be frank, I tried to take my life at 12 and had no plans of making it to 20. Then James (my husband) came into my life and that all changed. I've always felt like I was on borrowed time, like I was supposed to die, but something went wrong. I also sometimes feel like I'm still that 12 year old slowly dying and my life up to this point has been in the head of my preteen self. Is it just old habits of mine? I can't get rid of this cloud of death that sits over the horizon. And I am slowly nearing it and have still so much to do. (Finishing writing my books. Get my art out somewhere other than local) #Depression #Death #Suicide #Love #writer #Hope #artist

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Christmas Eve Thoughts #MentalHealth #Recovery

hi all. I posted this on my recovery instagram (@obsessive.but.awesome if anyone's interested but no pressure)-- just wanted to share my Christmas Eve thoughts from last night.

Recovery is possible.

Healing is possible.

And we all deserve it.





#writer #Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ADHD #Anxiety #EatingDisorders #AnorexiaNervosa #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Dermatillomania #NonverbalLearningDisability #TicDisorders #Trauma #Survivor #Gratitude #Hope

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Processing Pain: a poem #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder

Processing pain,

for I am feeling insane,

the aches of my brain,

tingling from my psyche

(they say all I do is talk about "me"!?)

all the way down to my core...

more, more, more pain shatters within this mind,

leaving me in a heavily aching bind.

The past haunts me in a way that is hard to explain

(they say all I do is "complain"!?).

Help, I want to scream on the bad days,

Please get me out of my internal maze.

The good news though????

Some days the light is shining bright,

and in those moments, I feel quite alright.

Hope exists even amidst dark moments,

Hoping and coping...

I can do this despite the ache.




#MightyPoets #writer

#PTSD #BipolarDepression #OCD #ADHD #LearningDisabilities #Trauma

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Creative Block Busted!

I’m in a creative slump. Couldn’t create art or get any writing done.
Went back to child-like artwork to help break this block.
Pic? Butterfly I drew this afternoon with color pencils.

#creativity #creative #writersblock #writer #ArtWork #Art #ArtTherapy