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When your husband stops caring (Picture of us at the time of the Washington trip) #Family #Life happens #MurphysLaw

Today I finally had to stop making excuses, stop dreaming, stop pushing myself on my husband and pretending that he still loved me. I thought at times I could love for the both of us that he was just going through a moment but he still cared. I gave him his space but still treated him like I always have, a king. I thought him having a dating app, going out to lunch with a”friend” that he says he’s been friends with for 3 years who just suddenly popped in his life and I don’t know her but she works at the Walmart we go to once a week. I asked if there such good friends how come I have never met her? He goes without telling me and he goes to see her on break and I have seen where she has texted that she needs to get out of there and he goes and swoops her up. The problem is she’s married too. I asked my husband does he know he said I guess. I asked if maybe we could double date he keeps saying he will ask but he always has an excuse. Recently he told me we were done and he wanted me to leave I left and went to my grandmothers house for 3 days he calls me and asks if we can resolve this and of course I said YES! That day he tells me while I was gone he made a date with someone and he really likes her. So the whole time I’m home he stays on his phone smiling sending pics ignoring me. I cry pour out my heart beg him not to go and end us but he says he has to because she’s already spent so much money. Ok so you know this woman through text what a week? I have been married to you for 20 years and 2 kids and 6 surgeries with 3 being life threatening. While he got hurt in the military and couldn’t work I had to get a job with 1 infant and 1 toddler. I worked every shift I could take, I took 1 kid to school every morning then work then on lunch break I would drive home to do homework with him and make lunch then go back to work just to get off go home get the oldest ready for sports practice drive out there stay and watch and film then go back home make dinner wash both kids and put them to bed only to come lay down by him and being so exhausted he looks at me and says my turn where’s my attention? I was dealing with 3 children. Air Force decided they didn’t have enough proof to consider him disabled and honorable discharge so they sent him to the VA hospital in Washington D.C. I took off work to drive him almost 10 hours with both kids only to get there and tell him he needed to bring his X-rays from his base. We still couldn’t understand why they couldn’t have done that. Finally we get to the motel it’s disgusting and my husband is already upset and the kids are crying, loud and playing he says we are going home. Really now? It’s late it’s dark and we are all give out. So 10 hours back just to get X-rays to be sent back a week later. This time only the youngest child goes we got to stay a week. We had never been there I thought while we are here and it’s on there expense let’s enjoy make memories take pictures. Nothing he hated every minute of it. ——>

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Labour Day madness #Work #MurphysLaw

This weekend has been crazy at work, all because this is Labor day weekend. However, today was the worst, it was a Murphy's Law kind of day. Items didn't want to ring up the correct price, several customers were rude, and the register I was on kept breaking down on me. It was a severly ANXIETY inducing day. Physically my whole body hurts and I'm tired. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and there's certain managers I really like working with, but there's flaws to how we do things that could be made easier. Ok That's my rant for now.