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Book Review for Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Green Mile. The story is about June Nealon who is looking forward to a future with her husband, daughter, and unborn baby. Suddenly, that future is gone and replaced by anger, fear, and struggling.
Shay Bourne's life hadn't been easy. Raised in Foster Cares, uneducated, and life had never offered Shay anything.
Shay's redemption lies with June and her 11 year old daughter, Claire. In the way of Shay's redemption lies a mother's anger, a life of crime, and a lot of regrets.
The story ask of everyone, "Would you give up your vengeance against someone you hate if it meant saving someone you love? Would you want your dreams to come true if it meant granting your enemy's dying wish?" The answers are hard but Picoult weaves a heart wrenching story that touches anyone that reads it. #BookReview #JodiPicoult #Murder #Crime #justice #Mothers


What if I witnessed murder?

What if my father was a serial killer? What if I tried to do something about it and the police laughed in my face. What if I tried to charge that man with the more petty crimes (sexual and physical abuse) and still people did not believe me. It’s haunting and it’s a nightmare I live with everyday. I feel as though people don’t know me and they would not want to know me because of what I have experienced or perhaps if they knew what I think happened in my childhood they would think I was crazy. What do I do with this life? I’m really not sure. The pain from everything digs it’s claws in and I’m not sure what to do to make it better anymore. It’s been a long time and I have tried many things. #tired #SuicidalThoughts #PTSD #Murder #Stress