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Breast Cancer Basic Level Of Care Questions - The system is broken!!

Hi there!

I’m addition to my #mdd, and my daughter’s crippling #Anxiety , my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in June 2020. I was furloughed and we didn’t know if I would get called back. Thankfully, I did. Phew!

Since her diagnosis, the care we’ve received has been incredibly bad. It’s been one indignity after another. The doctors treat us like idiots and alarmists if we dare question them and the support staff and nurses treat you like an animal with a number in your ear. And, this is a major healthcare provider in Orlando! It’s been a nightmare trying to drive our own care. Nobody cares about you. Nobody returns phone calls. They schedule you at the wrong locations and times They bill you incorrectly. AND - nobody ever takes responsibility. Nobody! We are looked at as trouble makers for wanting basic care and compassion. It’s made her whole cancer experience, which is no picnic, much worse than it has to be. Sadly, due to my insurance we are locked into this group until the end of the year. We are paying out of pocket to get a third opinion at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa we are so desperate for straight answers.

As a result, she is suffering from #Depression and #Anxiety all of the time and has had to consult a Psychiatrist and therapist to deal with her feelings - mostly anger.

Has anyone else dealt with this or are we just the lucky ones? Please share your experience. I want to show her that it’s a broken system and nothing personal against us.

#BreastCancer #Anxiety #Depression #Cancer #anger #brokenmedicalsystem