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Put yourself in their shoes

What would you do?
Hi I’m in a battlefield of the minds.
I’m too scared to ask for help among my own family on what I need to consider in this scenario or if this were me, how I would handle handle such a situation.
I dont have too many friends, that Im comfortable to be let in & ask for their input in fear of judgement and unnecessary comments on my reasons to want to help, or even address their need.,
Friend is full time employed.
Rebuilding her life.
So I need some sound advice. #MyHeart #Anxiety #PeoplePleaser #fearofrejection #relatable

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Surreal Moments

Rocking my grandson back to sleep and I go watch his mama’s Snapchat. Having fun at the Wiz Khalifa concert. She recorded a video of the song “Young, Wild & Free” and it just made my heart happy. Cause you really are doing the damn thing Bug ❤️ 7 years ago no one knew we’d be where we’re at today. 7 years ago I never thought we’d be ok. The little worries and fights in life don’t matter anymore because all in all, we’re all ok. Just having a surreal moment sitting here holding my sleeping grandson 💙 #Family #TheMighty #MightyMoms #MyHeart #wedorecover #MentalHealth #AddictionRecovery

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Mama’s “Neeko” #MyHeart #furlove #listens #loves #no judgement #Unconditional love #sloppy wet kisses #PureLove

If it wasn't for my Neeko and
his knowing when I need him the most. They never have to say anything just the look in their eyes says it all ♥️

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#MyFurbabys #Serviceanimal #MyHeart

This is Marley “MooMoo” an Slash “Bubby “. They help me through the worst days ever... Slash is in training to be my service animal, we’ve been working hard for over a year now and he’s about to take his public access test🤗 #animallovers #ServiceAnimals #esa

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Missing Him

A year ago today @Matt and I celebrated our engagement with our friends. That night I was filled with elation about the idea of becoming his wife. I was ecstatic about the future we were planning.

That future has changed - but my love for him hasn’t. I’m getting to a place where I can look at our pictures, think about the memories, hear his deep voice in my mind... and not completely crumble.

He was home to me. Even through our struggles, he made happy everyday. We always said, “I love you,” to each other everyday.

We never got to say “I do,” but he’ll forever be connected to my heart, my soul, my world. I wish he were here to make new memories. But that won’t keep me from bringing him with me as I continue my journey.

He’ll forever be the love of my life - the best friend I’ve ever had. And the reason for me to keep helping others. #MyHeart #MyMotivation

I love you, Matt. ♥️