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    Hello to our new members!

    I’ve seen that we’ve had a few new members join us recently, and I wanted to say hello and welcome! Please feel free to post and introduce yourselves - tell us a little of your stories if you’d like. If you need support, please post. We are here for you and all of our members.

    Remember, folks - #wedorecover and you never have to use again!

    #SubstanceAbuse #Addiction #AddictionRecovery

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    Surreal Moments

    Rocking my grandson back to sleep and I go watch his mama’s Snapchat. Having fun at the Wiz Khalifa concert. She recorded a video of the song “Young, Wild & Free” and it just made my heart happy. Cause you really are doing the damn thing Bug ❤️ 7 years ago no one knew we’d be where we’re at today. 7 years ago I never thought we’d be ok. The little worries and fights in life don’t matter anymore because all in all, we’re all ok. Just having a surreal moment sitting here holding my sleeping grandson 💙 #Family #TheMighty #MightyMoms #MyHeart #wedorecover #MentalHealth #AddictionRecovery

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    Grateful for all the love and support from the right people

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    No joke. Ha. 😩

    Seriously though!! 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can’t be the only one… 😂

    #MentalHealth #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #MentalIllness #wedorecover #SOBER #Sobriety #Justsayno


    Have you ever felt like you were living the wrong life?

    I often ask myself after two years of sobriety, who I am? Who do I want to be? Just newly turning 35, having regained custody of my daughter just over a year ago, breaking up with my partner of three years....I am struggling to decide on where I belong in this world? See, I own a successful six figure salary painting corporation, but my dreams are much larger. With just two years shy of being sober, I have everything it seems I could ask for. A beautiful home, my daughter back, a successful business, a life I only once dreamed of. But my true dream is helping addicts like me. Helping them get access to Vivitrol, which was the only thing that stopped my uncontrollable cravings after thirteen years of a viscous cycle of opiate abuse. It was a complete game changer for me. I also want to work building a safe haven for people to myself to be able to come home to from jail, treatment or prison and eventually bring their children at some point. Help with their employment skills. At this point, I know that I am living the wrong life. I know this is my true calling. I have given so many hope wig my story of success. For after all, I was that hopeless case....
    #opiateawareness #wedorecover #successfulrecovery #Opiates #opiateabuse #vivitrol
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