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Still Hurting... #Toxic People #Surviving #Unconditional Love #Too Nice

The tears just won't stop... Every time I think I do not have any left, My face is saturated with my tears from all the crying that never stops. It seems that I can't get any relief in this life for my sorrows and I can't find someone trained to give the right tools to work through things. I hate this. It's been all down hill and I am constantly fighting trying to fight my way back from illnesses and scars from my past. The worse part is I hate doing it alone. The one person I know loved me Unconditionally has long passed and every since that day I have been alone. I used to Pray to pass too because I couldn't live with the pain. But I tried to make my impression with hopes that someone would be saved from have to ever experience any of my sorrow. But I now realize no one cares nd when I part this Earth no one will miss me. I am so Broken, but I want to fight. But I just can't anymore... I am consumed by Hurt and Scars...

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I don’t want a relationship

Sometimes you don’t want to be a girlfriend, you just want connection with someone who doesn’t expect anything from you. U want to trust a person and feel safe and like they have your best interest in mind. For me, I don’t want to feel like I need to play this girlfriend or wife role in order to deserve the love I need. I don’t want to earn it. I want to finally be able to feel unconditional love without having to do something first. Maybe that’s selfish but it’s my truth. And when I say love, I’m not restricting it to the romantic kind. But just having a person who really wants to make u feel like how U actually are. Special, valuable, bright, promising. And I don’t want to feel like my imperfections would make me less deserving of this type of love.

the young toxic love isn’t enough anymore. My real emotional needs must be met, and I’m doing my part to meet my needs the best I can. It’s extremely difficult and it’s a continuous journey. #Unconditional #Love

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Mama’s “Neeko” #MyHeart #furlove #listens #loves #no judgement #Unconditional love #sloppy wet kisses #PureLove

If it wasn't for my Neeko and
his knowing when I need him the most. They never have to say anything just the look in their eyes says it all ♥️

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My Minnie #friend #Migraine #up all night #chronic pain

This picture is of my one-year old puppy, Minnie. She has been my saving grace during this uncertain time our world is facing. She has also brought a renewed spirit and life to my 16-year-old dog, Bebe. It warms my heart and makes me smile when I see her or think about her. She loves unconditionally and does not ask for anything in return. Over the past two days I was in severe pain from a migraine and feeling unusually fatigued and achy. It was painful for me to hold her and I had to push her away many times. Today, I felt better, so I showered her with love and affection. She snuggled right up like nothing had ever happened. The unconditional love she has for me is something that I want to have for others. People are more complicated than a puppy, but I will keep striving to love unconditionally. #Hope #Unconditional love #Pain -free


#trauma #bereavement #Myhearthurts

All mental trauma hurts in ways some can't articulate. It comes out in ways we can't anticipate not at convenient times. Just love is through our moments. #Unconditional love appreciated.