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Hi please help me ppl I’m abt to lose my s***

About the COVID thing . It makes my mental health worse. Struggling with this but then again I am going to pray& believe we won’t have to get it & we are better off continuing doing what we have to to protect ourselves & others.! My fam& I shouldn’t have to put in a stressful state of mind worrying that there may be mandate. No body knows here in mn . It’s unpredictable. I will not live in fear over this. My family & I take all the proper precautions about protecting ourselves from not only COVID but other illnesses by wearing a mask 😷 in public places ( pull down mask when other ppl are 6’ or more away from us ) . Pro COVID ppl ( ***that are aholes abt it *****) . I am going to msg my dr abt this too besides the fact I take lithium & Xanax n I highly suspect those meds will not go well with that poisonous ☠️ cocktail ( that’s what it means to me ) . U do u . Me and my (COVID)unvaccinated fam are very healthy . I practice and study 📖 traditional medicine ( yoga, tai chi, certain foods/ herbs 🌿, massage , acupuncture , acupressure, natural things cbd, hemp to name some)

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I’m trying to figure out how to know what supplements to take and at what dosage. How do y’all figure that out? I just don’t want to put in my body what I don’t need…

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Delete if not allowed but since I discovered kratom legally sold in my state, but in my former state it was not.. I know it's controversial or whatever but so is marijuana. It helps me tremendously. Just like caffeine I'm sure it can be addicting, but so is sugar and nicotine. Does anyone else use it instead of traditional psych medications? Open discussion is welcome! #naturalmedicine #legalmarijuanadvocate #nomorebigpharma

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Many have seasonal issues. There's anything from allergies to sinitis going on every fall, winter, and spring as in most places weather is a Rollercoaster and different pollens are released.

Your best things are often from nature when combating these issues. These are local honey and herbs and such provided by nature on your land. Often these herbs are seen as unwanted weeds... when they are far from it.

One of these cures is from trees, pine trees. Pine trees have needles. This is where the nutrition is. You want pine needs that are round and not flat. Flat pine needles are poison when we ingest them.
I take pine needles and cut the needles in small sections up to the part that id broan and connects to the limb. That has no nutrition and is not going to be pleasant in taste.

I put them in a pot of water and have it come to a boil. I let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer it sets or boils... the darker the color may become. The type of pine needle used will also determine that as well. The most popular pine tree needles are used from is the White Pine.

When it is done boiling... you strain the pot as you transfer the 'tea' into a container of your choice. We have glass jugs we have reused that we can make big amounts of tea in for our family of 6. We pour it into the jug and store it in the refrigerator.

You can add local honey 🍯 as it will carry local pollens and help give your system another boost. This is also a natural sweetener. Honey also is a thicker substance that can help sooth a sore throat.

#PineNeedleTea doesn't really have much flavor to it. This also depends on the type of pine tree. However, this makes the 'tea' easy to use in any drink. My kids have had it added to their hot chocolate or warm apple cider.

Here's some more information and sources regarding this #naturalmedicine .

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Does anyone have an experience with the use of SAM-e as a natural antidepressant? I’ve recently stumbled upon it and having doing a ton of research on it and actually ordered some but would love to see if anyone in this community has had any personal experience with using it? My therapist has talked to me about the possibility of talking to a doctor about medication but actual medication really scares me thus why I’d rather turn to something more natural and SAM-e is a compound that is naturally in the body.
Thank you all in advance:) #Depression #antideppressant #naturalmedicine #Holistic