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    Community Voices

    Holistic tips for the day

    <p>Holistic tips for the day</p>
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    What being healthy means to me 🥰

    <p>What being healthy means to me 🥰</p>
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    Discovering What I Want

    <p>Discovering What I Want</p>
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    Self care - 📖recommendation

    <p>Self care - 📖recommendation</p>
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    I’ve read lots and lots and lots about medications and symptoms and diagnoses and physicians, etc etc. here on The Mighty. It’s been a real wake up to how fucked up our whole healthcare situation is here in the states. but I’m a real mind/body/spirit person and I’m wondering if anyone has utilized treatment methods such as CBD, chiropractic adjustments, reiki, acupuncture, other energy work, etc.
    I would LOVE to hear about your experience.


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    What do you think? 🤔

    <p>What do you think? 🤔</p>
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    Does anyone have an experience with the use of SAM-e as a natural antidepressant? I’ve recently stumbled upon it and having doing a ton of research on it and actually ordered some but would love to see if anyone in this community has had any personal experience with using it? My therapist has talked to me about the possibility of talking to a doctor about medication but actual medication really scares me thus why I’d rather turn to something more natural and SAM-e is a compound that is naturally in the body.
    Thank you all in advance:) #Depression #antideppressant #naturalmedicine #Holistic

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    To Brighten Your Day

    <p>To Brighten Your Day</p>
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