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Holistic anyone?

Has anyone tried a holistic or natural approach paired with diet and exercise for bipolar disorder and anxiety successfully and been able to go off medication? #BipolarDisorder #Holistic #Natural #diet #Anxiety #Exercise #Medication

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Holistic tips for the day

There are many ways you can get to feeling better. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing but it can be the hardest thing to do. Aim for at least one of these. #clarity #BrainFog #Health #Holistic

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What being healthy means to me 🥰

I used to have a perception that in order for me to be healthy it meant sticking to a rigid diet and exercise routine.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth!!

Healthy means:

✅ Finding a diet that works for you and not starving yourself or depriving yourself of nutrients.

✅ Allowing yourself to enjoy the foods that are indulgent on an occasional basis.

✅ Moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day that gets your heart rate up, whether it’s walking, yoga, bike ride counts as exercise.

✅ Avoiding people that drain your energy and well-being.

✅ Getting enough quality rest so you can think more clearly and reduce moodiness.

Starting your health and wellness journey doesn’t have to be scary or militant. I’d rather you do small steps consistently than implementing a program you can’t stick to.

#Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #EmotionalHealth #Holistic #Selfcare

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Discovering What I Want

I was extremely distraught from a relationship, stressed out about my business and concerned about my overall family situation. I took some time off to get away and I ended up on the last day of my trip here. To this magnificent beach with families. I gained a different perspective on my current situation and the goals I have for myself.

I realized I wanted to take my work and travel. I wanted a partner that is just as adventurous as I am about life. I wanted to always be close to the water.

I’m now feeling excited about life again and feeling renewed. I hope you all have a great week and discover something about yourself that gets you excited about life! #Anxiety #Depression #Holistic #Healing

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Self care - 📖recommendation

'How to do the work:
Recognise your patterns, heal from your past and create yourself'

Author: Nicole LePera (Clinical psychologist - Holistic practice)

This book I'm currently started reading has reinforced what I have been studying for the last 9 months 'Mental health'.
Through lots of self reflection, I've discovered and delved deeper into how the body and mind affects each individual.

In the introductory chapter, it touched on work burnout/fatigue, childhood trauma, epigenetics, self healing, genetics (DNA), living environmental factors, grief.
holistic approach to healing through
mind-body-soul connection, mindfulness and nutrition and exercise.

I will definitely share the journalling exercises she has written in her book.

#DistractMe #MightyBookClub #Selfcare #Depression #Anxiety #Healing #Grief #Loss #empower #Holistic #MentalHealth #positive

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Holistic Medicine #Holistic #Natural #easternculture #energyhealing #mindbodysoul

I’ve read lots and lots and lots about medications and symptoms and diagnoses and physicians, etc etc. here on The Mighty. It’s been a real wake up to how fucked up our whole healthcare situation is here in the states. but I’m a real mind/body/spirit person and I’m wondering if anyone has utilized treatment methods such as CBD, chiropractic adjustments, reiki, acupuncture, other energy work, etc.
I would LOVE to hear about your experience.


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What do you think? 🤔

I love the sight of a well stocked kitchen...
But I hate cooking.

No, that's a lie, I don't. But its the only explanation I could proffer for a long time, not knowing that my depression and anxiety had hijacked this part of me too.

Not that it was hard.
I grew up on microwave dinners, baked beans, and my only intro to cooking was in home ec, baking bread.

I do make a mean loaf. 😉 But I was sent out into the world to survive not knowing a damn thing about proper nutrition.

How to keep my body functioning optimally...

And hadn't really set me up to be optimally healthy going out into the world on my own either...

Which obviously (hindsights a beatch) didn't really assist in helping my management of my issues...

And as they grew worse, then did my ability in being able to eat.

Strong flavours or smells made me wanna vomit. Foods I once loved, I grew to hate.

Going for days without eating. Not purposefully, but with a stomach in knots so often the mere thought of trying to stuff it with food had me closing the cupboards. Or not even thinking about stopping to eat at all.

Or being so drained, the knowing of how much energy is involved in preparing, cooking, eating, cleaning... Had me reaching for the quick-fix "health" bars.

Then there's the added anxiety ontop of screwing the meal up... And the weight of struggling to ever find motivation to ever do anything good for myself...

And it's a thing noone really talks about.

Whether that's down to bad food education- I didn't realise how shockingly bad mine was until I met my fiance (hes a michelin star trained chef)-

Or whether we haven't collectively made the connection of how food can influence our wellbeing and vice versa 🤷🏼‍♀️

But I wanted to see what you thought...

Have you noticed anything off with your diet, or your attitude toward it with your mental health conditions?

Does this attitude toward food fluctuate depending on how severe your symptoms are?

Do you think food can be a powerful influence over how we feel?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


#Depression #Anxiety #EatingDisorders #Selfcare #Selflove #Avoidant /RestrictiveFoodIntakeDisorder #Holistic



Does anyone have an experience with the use of SAM-e as a natural antidepressant? I’ve recently stumbled upon it and having doing a ton of research on it and actually ordered some but would love to see if anyone in this community has had any personal experience with using it? My therapist has talked to me about the possibility of talking to a doctor about medication but actual medication really scares me thus why I’d rather turn to something more natural and SAM-e is a compound that is naturally in the body.
Thank you all in advance:) #Depression #antideppressant #naturalmedicine #Holistic