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    You are my sunshine adaptation

    I love to write and I love to adapt songs and poetry. It's something I do for fun and it helps keep me grounded.

    Written for my partner this morning:

    You are my sunshine,
    my only sunshine
    These days may be harder,
    while skies are grey
    But, don't you fret dear,
    it's warmer when you're near,
    and, together we will always find our way

    #Writing #WritingThroughIt #whilewalking #Dating #Anxiety #Depression #searching #Journaling #Walking

    Photo from one of my walks

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    I have officially have been walking for 7 days in a row and I have never walked this much in a row! For a young woman who struggles with depression and anxiety this is a huge deal for me! Even when it’s Been cold I still manage to get out and walk! I would always make excuses not to walk! Now walking is one of my favorite things to do! I love walking the trails! I have been walking for 1 week! I’m so so proud of myself! God is good! 🙌🏻😀❤️#Depression #Anxiety #EatingDisorders #Walking


    #Walking on eggshells

    My ex & I have been broken up a yr now , we still live together because we are both on the mortgage loan together. But he has been threatening Me non stop & stating that he is going to get a no contact order & have me removed.


    Mobility is an important part of my life. A simple ankle problem happened, so I am reading more for the next 30 days. #Walking

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    Mental & Physical Health

    Feeling down? Put on your shoes and go for a walk. Did I hear you moan and say "not now"? That's okay - it's always your choice. I know how walking helps your biology stay balanced! Physical and mental health is linked in complex ways yet expressed in surprisingly simple strategies. So when you're mulling it over, take a peek at your shoes - they want to be outside!

    #beingtherapy #MentalHealth #Therapist #Toronto #selfcare #counselling #Healing #Walking #clearyourhead #Fitness #Fitness #PhysicalTherapy #physicalhealth


    Disneyland Vacation #Fear #hypermobiliy #Walking #ChronicPain

    I have a Disney land Trip mod June. 2 days at Disneyland and 1 at adventure park. Any ideas how to cope with pain an mobility. I have to be happy and feel good for my 6 year old. It is a once in a life time trip for us. I. So scared I won't make it. I have Heds and have severe pain and swelling on both feet and legs o have a failed ACL surgery on my right knee they said with eds I can't have another one. I am obese and can't seem to lose weight for anything. And high heart rate and bp.


    Relaxing Saturday 😁

    Did some kitchen chores then went for a walk. Made overnight oats again w pom seeds, chia seeds, ground nuts, apple butter and pumpkin puree.
    Had a great chat with a friend, she has a sister thaTreatment has t completed reast cancer tx.
    My Wednesday pains were extreme due to my having to stop a medicine on the 7th,&14thto enable booster to be more effective for me cuz I am
    I'm holding hope that I can make it through the next week.
    #chronic pain,#chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia,##Thought of the Day,#Distract me,#check in with me,#happy light,#Bipolar ,#seasonal affective,#positivevthoughts ,self care,#Anxiety ,#Walking
    Signing off mighties! Check in Sunday

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