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Rant: the lidocaine is wearing off. The pain is growing

The kids are clueless the phone doesn’t stop ringing. I’m hungry and no one is bringing me a meal. I’m still pretty anxious abt this biopsy cause it has life altering potential. I came home and panic shopped a sweater. Now I think I need to go to the grocery cause nobody else will #needlove #needcare #Biopsy #anxious #outoftouch


I'm afraid of being abandoned. I'm afraid of everyone leaving me. I get so attached to people who care or understand. It's so hard for me to not talk to people. I try to understand people who don't want to talk when things get hard, but that's not the way I am so it's hard for me to understand why people feel that way. It hurts when people don't talk to me. I want to know why people feel sad or hurt or angry. I just feel so hurt. I know people get busy and have a life, but I still feel hurt. I don't know why. I just feel like everyone ends up hating me even though I know that's not always true. I just want to know if someone I care about is okay. I just always feel hurt by people. I don't know if that makes me a bad person or toxic. I fear someone being hurt by me and not letting me know I'm hurting them. #Depression #Anxiety #abandonmentissues #Needy #clingy #needlove


Feeling lonely

Maybe it’s Monday, idk. I feel I’m alone and no one gets me. People just give me the standard “good morning” or “hey”. Maybe I got attachment issue cause I want more than just a greeting. I want to hang out, get to know you and/or talk. I’m just weird like that. No one probably understands. I feel so sad when I come home even though I need rest after work. I got nothing to do but lay in bed and drown in my thoughts.
#lonely #misunderstood #depressed #needlove #friendless #attachmentissues