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    I'm a survivor #Suicide #lonely #friendless
    My name is Mirabal and I have ptsd and chronic pain to name a couple.

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    Does having no friends invalidate you as a person? Sometimes it’s just so difficult to look for true friends. When you don’t, it really does feel humiliating annofd hurt because you assume something must have been wrong with you because you are close to no one. I’m often fine with not having close friends but it’s hard when society dooms those who do not conform to the norms, including having friends. Yes, the more the better. #friendless #lonely

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    Community Voices

    I wish all of us with Chronic Pain had a cure for everything we go through.

    I'm 36yrs old, it takes me longer to do things, if I can do them at all, it is 1:40am in Kentucky (USA), got woken up with Chest pain, maybe broke a rib from coughing, Groin, Essential Tremors, u all r amazing to be so supportive going through ur all stuff.

    Everytime I love I moan and groan, the tremors wear me out, but, I'm so thankful, I have somewhere to come where people love, care and support me on a regular basis.

    It takes me at least 45mins to an hour to get ready for bed, then I may get 45mins to an hour of sleep, then I either just wake up with Tremors, or weak up with Tremors, either moaning, groaning, screaming in pain, almost, if not every night.

    I don't come here often, most times, I just try and handle it on my own, but, when u r just laying tremoring, u think everything is good, then,a,pain shoots through a random part of ur body, u thank God u were laying down, cause some of the pain doubles u over.

    I won't keep u all, thanks for listening

    #chronic Pain
    #chronic illness

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    Community Voices
    A J

    Feeling lonely

    Maybe it’s Monday, idk. I feel I’m alone and no one gets me. People just give me the standard “good morning” or “hey”. Maybe I got attachment issue cause I want more than just a greeting. I want to hang out, get to know you and/or talk. I’m just weird like that. No one probably understands. I feel so sad when I come home even though I need rest after work. I got nothing to do but lay in bed and drown in my thoughts.
    #lonely #misunderstood #depressed #needlove #friendless #attachmentissues

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    31 year old daughter with BPD lost her last friend..the one who has stuck with her since hischool. What can she do to make friends #friendless

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