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Whole new support team for Autism spectrum sufferer

#AutismEmployment #Newtherapist #AutismAdvocacy #Anxiety #Agoraphobia
My psychiatrist just retired. My counselor just got a promotion.

I've been applying for disability since last year.
I now realize that I no longer have the emotional capacity or wherewithal to continue working in any environment unless it's without any contact to a front line.
I am ready to cry at any minute just thinking about interacting with people, learning new skills, etc.

I haven't met my new medication management team, but my new counselor seems to think I just need to find a job. I've told her all this and how I've been addressed cookie cutter or in a tone deaf way since being diagnosed as an adult. She's not getting it, and wants me to make a list of why I do/don't need a job, what jobs I'd be interested in.
I'm ready to screw this list up royally, and I don't think this is how it should be especially after all I've listed to her. Outlined responses or breakup tips would be appreciated lol.

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Starting with a new therapist...again

So I'm on to therapist #5 since last September. The one I've been seeing for the past five weeks was really disorganized and prioritized her methods over my personal needs, so I decided to move on. It's really exhausting to try to find a therapist!!
So I filled out the intake form this morning and, probably predictably, started feeling anxious and triggered as I wrote out the basics of my issues again. Now thinking about the session tomorrow, I'm not feeling great either - hard to concentrate, mildly dizzy, stiff neck, hard to get breath, etc. I'm not consciously nervous about it (partly because I'm not expecting much at this point), but I think it's just the expectation of being asked to talk about my trauma to another stranger again.
I really hope this one sticks...

#Therapy #Newtherapist #Again #startingover #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Upallnight #CheckInWithMe


#Update #Newtherapist

So an update to my previous post on seeing a new therapist...6 hours later I am still shaking. It was HORRIBLE!! I was holding back tears just in the 1st 15 mins because of the cold and callous demeanor and turned to being defensive. At the end of the conversation I said to be honest I don't think it will be a good fit, and she quickly responded with"I agree, this would be a bad fit"....thank God for meds

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