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Whole new support team for Autism spectrum sufferer

#AutismEmployment #Newtherapist #AutismAdvocacy #Anxiety #Agoraphobia
My psychiatrist just retired. My counselor just got a promotion.

I've been applying for disability since last year.
I now realize that I no longer have the emotional capacity or wherewithal to continue working in any environment unless it's without any contact to a front line.
I am ready to cry at any minute just thinking about interacting with people, learning new skills, etc.

I haven't met my new medication management team, but my new counselor seems to think I just need to find a job. I've told her all this and how I've been addressed cookie cutter or in a tone deaf way since being diagnosed as an adult. She's not getting it, and wants me to make a list of why I do/don't need a job, what jobs I'd be interested in.
I'm ready to screw this list up royally, and I don't think this is how it should be especially after all I've listed to her. Outlined responses or breakup tips would be appreciated lol.

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Concerned for colleagues

I am extremely concerned for other people I work with in the workplace, at the moment it feels like a new business strategy was implemented to work from sickness to sickness. I have raised this as far as I can go within the company and still it feels like it isn't being taken seriously yet. This has started to really get to me, I want to be able to help my colleagues; a lot of the things they're reporting are similar to how I feel on a daily basis and going through similar thoughts or ideas myself, the whole reason I got in too the whole public realm is because I don't feel it is right and nobody should be made to feel this way - has anyone had similar experiences in the workplace, any ideas or advice?#MentalHealth #AutismEmployment #Depression #Anxiety #worry #Autism #Workplace

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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the other community leaders here. I started a group the other month called Autism in the Workplace (link:

The idea for my group was for a safe place for people with autism in the workplace to share and discuss how they feel, post problems and potentially work together to overcome barriers and encourage others to hopefully feel they can disclose their disabilities to the workplace. It is also for anyone to join and to learn, see how it affects people and also promote awareness. I am happy for anyone to share or refer on but ultimately I want to keep it voluntary whether or not someone decides to join the group #AutismEmployment #Workplace #Awareness #hi #togetherwearestronger #Disability #equality

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How does one go about getting an autism diagnosis as an adult?

I have long suspected that I am somewhere on the spectrum ever since I found out about autism when I was in high school. I am absolutely terrible with social cues. I say the wrong things at the wrong time. I don’t understand when people are being sarcastic or joking sometimes (yet I love to be sarcastic myself 🤔). I have a variety of hyperfixations. I have a lot of sensory issues (issues with bright lights to the point that I need sunglasses, sensitive hearing where I feel dizzy in noisy/crowded places like a high school cafeteria, certain fabrics and anything around my neck area, sensitive smell and taste (I suspect I have some kind of ARFID, tbh). I often need things explained to me explicitly and step by step, often with repetition required for me to get it fully. I have issues with eye contact, and have been known to rock back and forth. My family members have frequently berated me for random outbursts of singing, which I’ve read could be another form of stimming? I have routines that bother me when changed (I have officially diagnosed OCD since I was like 10, and suspect that it’s comorbid with my undiagnosed autism?).

I am a cisgender female, and autism wasn’t really that well known when I was growing up. I was held back a grade in kindergarten. I was above grade level in subjects like reading, but for the sake of my socialization, they held me back a grade. (I was told my kindergarten teacher barely got me above a whisper by the end of the year…) I think even if autism was more widely known back then, because I am female it may have been missed. I think that I learned certain social “scripts” (“Hi, how are you today?” “Good, how are you?”) that masked things a little bit, but after those parts of the conversation I think my…quirkiness…was made extremely apparent lol.

I have looked into trying to get diagnosed so that when I am able to work again, I can receive any necessary accommodations. But I am on state health insurance, and the autism specialists are $$$$$. If it wasn’t for the possible accommodations, I don’t think I’d care so much about a diagnosis. (My family and I are like 99.9% sure that I am autistic.) But as it is, I think it’s important. Are there any resources out there (not Autism Speaks…) that can help me with this? Any experiences anyone has had themselves? Thank you! ❤️ #AutismEmployment #AutismDiagnosis