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living my Life with limits #Depression #Notmyself right noe

I am Mostly running on lorazepam for the last couple days, to make it look quiet normal. I simply cannot stand mys6elf and all the e things expected by other people. Too tired to go on. Laterz


Shift in Seconds

I find that I change with every new thing that happens to me. Today, I cut/shaved my hair- feel like a different person. I have a new interest- I change and become absorbed into the interest. I like a new song- I became that. I often forget what or who I was before my new findings, this also includes people. #MentalHealth #Depression #shifting #personality #forgetting #change #Notmyself #Identity #identitydisturbance


How do you feel like yourself???

Today I just don't feel like myself. I think it's my depression so how do you guys make yourself feel better #Depression #Notmyself #iwantnormal


#Notmyself #Depression #mistakes

I usually don’t put my business out there. But hi, my name is kourtney. I’m 23 I live in Conway SC and I have a one year old. I do have a boyfriend who is not the father of my child but does help in some cases. He has emotionally cheated on me before and now everything he does I am really sensitive over. I’m not sure how to really get over it. it’s eating at me and I ask myself everyday am I still good enough? is he going to do it again? no matter how many times he says he isn’t idk something inside of me just says hmm idk. the girl he was talking to behind my back works with him. so that makes it harder. they say nothing happened between them and they would only talk about mine and his relationship and they were never into each other. (him and I used to argue badly everyday). He says he didn’t talk to her everyday either. He says it was sometimes. idk what to think. I want this to work more than anything. but I’m not sure I can get over it that quickly I’m still kind of hurt.


anxiety, I really dislike you!

I am tapering off of clonazepam and it is simply hell! everytime I step down with it. I get a flood of anxiety. i hate it. i overthink things and just simply not myself. when i try to explain to people what is going on , they just look at me or ignore me. #ihateanxiety #Notmyself #Anxiety


Has anybody ever heard of monkey brain/mindset? #Anxiety #Notmyself

My boyfriend and I have kind of hit a rough patch. Because of this, I don't feel secure with myself nor in my relationship. The thought of trying to please him so he won't leave is on my mind constantly and distracts me from every day activities. It's hard to be myself around him sometimes. Some days are great, but others are horrible. My constant anxiety takes the best of me.
Last night him and I were talking about "monkey brain." There's an article on it, but it talks about anxiety and insecurities. Does anybody know what I can do? #Anxiety #Relationships


What’s wrong with me? #struggling #Notmyself #WhatIsWrongWithMe

I am at my wits end!
What ever this is, it’s ruining my sanity & life.
I’m usually a strong healthy happy person, but now I’m a miserable crying insomniac mess!!
I’m struggling to love my husband, children, family & friends.
I have no motivation or desire to go to work in which I have the biggest opportunity waiting for me & should be excited!
But all I want to do is just to run away & hide from the world.
Nothing bad or dramatic has happened to me & honestly, I live a life most people dream of.
So why the F*** do I feel bad, useless & sad!!
My loved ones are pushing me to get help!
I can see it looks likes depression, but I have no reason to be. So what is this?
How can I get help, when I don’t even know what is wrong with me?