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Perspective shifting is one of the tools I have learned to use when pain has me feeling sad and miserable about my circumstance. Comedy can lighten things up and I recommend finding your favourite sources. I like stand-up comedians and Dry Bar Comedy on YouTube or their Internet page is very worthwhile to look into because it is not full of F bombs and most of the comedians are so funny. 💜💞 #Pain #shifting


Shift in Seconds

I find that I change with every new thing that happens to me. Today, I cut/shaved my hair- feel like a different person. I have a new interest- I change and become absorbed into the interest. I like a new song- I became that. I often forget what or who I was before my new findings, this also includes people. #MentalHealth #Depression #shifting #personality #forgetting #change #Notmyself #Identity #identitydisturbance


Intense Rage 🔥

I'm calm in the outside, but on fire on the inside. I'm full of hate for someone I've cared about for a while now. I didn't gradually hate them, it happened instantly. I've been cursing them all day, wishing evil on them. I haven't been myself in a long time, I'm normally not like this either. I'm very tired of everything and everyone. Just yesterday, I was dying to feel loved, but today I'm full of rage, I feel numb, and I don't want anything to do with love ever again. There is no in between for me. #MentalHealth #hate #Rage #shifting #EmotionalIntensity #IntenseFeelings #nomiddleground #TiredOfMyThoughts #tiredofitall