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    Explaining pain?

    Does anybody else have trouble explaining pain to Drs & others? I sometimes find it hard to put my pain into words. Doctors seem to have a select number of categories for pain. Burning, stabbing, pounding,pins & needles, shooting, sharp, dull, ache. Sometimes none of these apply and sometimes all of them apply. I've found people as well as Drs are dismissive if you can't fit your pain in one of their boxes. #Gastroparesis , #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #DiabeticNeuropathy , #occipital neuralgia, #Fibromyalgia ,#PrinzmetalsAngina , #costrochondritis , #hiatlhernia , #AcidReflux ,

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    Community Voices


    My head feels like a balloon, it feels like I'm in layers and layers ofnothing
    #RareDisease the back of my eyes hurt and it feels like I worked them individually #occipital neuralgia #Depression

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    Has anyone had mantle or feels like mental issues, like my head is in layers of depression and it feels like my eyes work individually and I have pain in the back of my eyes. #occipital neuralgia #Anxiety #OCD #Depression

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