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What podcasts :) do you like/ recommend ?

I am currently reading a helpful Oprah podcast episode from Super Soul Sunday, it helps sometimes to put my life into perspective by hearing other people’s life stories and knowing that I’m resilient doing my best where I currently am at while working towards where I want to go.

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What is the Soul? A question inspired by Oprah. #MightyPoets

What if when we “die” our souls go up into the ever expansive Universe & that’s why the Universe is infinite. And as light beings, souls are really just stars watching over us & falling stars are just fallen angels. Humans are made of the same things that stars are, so to think...We are stars, and that’s beautiful.

Maybe the North Star is a reminder to follow the light. & the real god is the Sun because it gives us life & without it we would die. It’s the star that shines the brightest for us. And when it’s night, it’s a reminder to rest, but it’s also a reminder that the light is still there, even when it’s dark.

Black holes are where the dark souls go - to be reborn into the light.

But have you ever really looked into someone’s eyes?

They look like little universes, little night skies. And the pupils look like tiny black holes - Well maybe that’s why they say eyes are the windows to the soul. Because you have the universe within you & everything you need to know. You are the student, the teacher, the master unto yourself.

And maybe the universe is really just the eye of god (whatever god it is that you believe in,) watching over us, reminding us that there’s a little bit of god within us all. After all, we are made of the same things stars are. #soul #universe #Inspiration #Oprah #Poetry