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Hi my #MightyTogether followers!! How are you? Today I would like to take the time and recognize #MoebiusSyndrome Awareness Day which is January 24!! My baby brother has this syndrome and he smiles with his heart 💜 Please if you would wear purple to honor my baby brother Robert! Thank you!! #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe #ISmileForRobert #physicaldifference #FacialParalysis

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Describe your life with #Hydrocephalus in three words

The three words that describe my journey with #Hydrocephalus are Defying because I defied the odds against me! Messy because I have had 22 surgeries most of them on my head! And because my condition was the result of severe #physicalabuse Imperfect because my surgeries have scarred my body on both my head and my abdomen and rendered me self-conscious. How has #Hydrocephalus impacted you my #MightyTogether followers? How does it impact your #MentalHealth #MightyQuestions #Disability #Physicaldisability #physicaldifference #PTSD


Talking sense into a fellow student #physicaldifference

Today In science class. A student said that he hated walking from his desk to the teacher’s desk. Even though the Teacher’s desk wasn’t far away. The teacher told him to go talk to me and the student came over and I explained to him what I’m going through physically and told him that he should be grateful that he can walk on his two feet. I also told him I’d do anything to walk normally again but Because I still need to recover. I can’t and the student understood and realized how hard it was for me after I explained it. I will walk normally again but it won’t be for a long while and I’m glad I was able to help someone understand what I’m going through.


How can parents better teach their children about others living with disabilities and/or illnesses?

1. Let your children know it's OK to be curious – but to remember to be curious in a kind way.

2. Remind your children that we're all "different." Some people just wear their differences on the outside.

3. Don't forget that your children are watching you. How do you talk about people with disabilities? Do you stare at people with body differences, like birthmarks or missing limbs? Do you downplay mental health? The person with the condition will notice, and so will your children.

What would you add to the list?

#disabilitiy #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #MentalHealth #physicaldifference