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    Community Voices

    What does/did C-Punk mean to you?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing an article about the C-Punk movement for a university disability newsletter and I need some C-punks out there to tell me some info. How you discovered the movement, what it means to you etc. No personal info.

    Not enough people know about this!

    #Disability #CerebralPalsy #Physicaldisability #CripplePunk

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    I don’t know who I am anymore!

    <p>I don’t know who I am anymore!</p>
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    I was 15 or 16 when Trayvon Martian was killed. His death sparked a catalyst, an almost dimino like effect. After his death it was like every other month another black or brown person was a victim of supremacy or police brutality. Each instance would spark national conversations about the “talk”. The conversation every black parent has with their kid about how to act when you get stopped by police or how not attract them at all. The “talk” serves as rules for survival with rules such as don’t wear a hoodie, keep your hands visible, don’t come off as aggressive and countless others. With each instance of death and violence sparking over things so trivial the rules would change, but it has reached a point where there are no rules. So my question for today is what are the rules for disabled poc? What do you do when you’re stoped by police and you’re not able to comply to a demand quickly due to your disability? How to you convey to an officer that you have a disability? #Disability #DisabilityTalk #CerebralPalsy #Physicaldisability

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    My review on Netflix “Special”
    #CerebralPalsy #Netflix

    As someone with CP I do appreciate the show because it shows the journey that many of us go through experience internal ablism. Then when telling your friends and other important people in life about your disability and seeing they didn’t care after all. If they judge you about they really aren’t a friend. Rejecting help when you know you need it. The possibly having overbearing parents and longing for independence. Also showing the reality of CP the many ungraceful falls, having spams, struggles to tie a shoe, struggling to button a shirt scared to dance because of judgment.

    As someone with CP who is a person of color and is straight.
    I really enjoy the shows relatability also showing the parent and child dynamic. Also how the workplace reacts when he shared his disability. Also the jealousy among people within the disabied community.

    The ideas and conpects that could used in the upcoming season
    *Talking about his college experience
    *Accommodation in workplace
    *More about the jealous with the disabled community
    *His past friendship
    *Having more POC with disabilities as guest stars
    *I would also like to see longer episodes
    * More of his relationship with Kim and her background story

    #CerebralPalsy #Netflix #MentalHealth #Anxiety
    #Physicaldisability #LGBT #College #University

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    What is your experience with the Spinal Fusion Surgery as someone with Cerebral Plasy?

    I’m currently in limbo if I want to get evaluated for the spinal fusion surgery. This is my first time getting surgery as an adult.
    I’m also in college and wanting to work in the medical field .
    I’m currently having pain in my back when standing for long periods of time. I get long winded when walking for short/ long periods of time.

    I know as someone with CP who’s had 2 major surgery I just want to know what recovery was like? How was the physical therapy? How was recovery time? How long did it rake for you to walk independently?
    Do you regret getting the surgery? What advice would you give?
    #CerebralPalsy #SpinalFusion
    #PhysicalTherapy #Recovery
    #Physicaldisability #Surgery

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    What Netflix Crip Camp Taught Me as a Person w/a disability

    I just completed watching Nexflix’s new documentary titled “Crip Camp”. I thoroughly enjoyed it I could relate to everyone and every topic feature within the documentary. I wish there where more stories or movies like this getting more light within various industries. I’m tried of being seen as someone inspiration. I just what to be seen as an equal to the human race and given equal opportunity without barriers.
    #Disability #MentalHealth #CerebralPalsy #Physicaldisability #Depression #Anxiety

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    When people ask if you should have children

    I am 19 years old, turning 20 this year, and am currently at university doing a foundation year in Computer Science. As such I’m living in the weird part of life where you have to act like an adult without knowing what that means, care for yourself for the first time and be prepared to answer all of the ‘adult’ questions in life. the main one currently: “Do you want children?” I’m hardly the first person to be asked this out of the blue, and certainly won’t be the last either, but I’ve noticed things are a bit different when my able bodied and/or neurotypical friends are asked this. For them the follow up questions are, “How many?” or “Why not?”. For me, it’s often a pause of silence followed by something to the effect of, “Is that a good idea?”
    Let me emphasise and elaborate that yes, I do want kids (when I’m older, obviously, I’ve got student debt to worry about now). I don’t want them to be biologically related to me since a few different health problems seem to run in my family and I’d like to give my children the best chance as a healthy life that I can. As such I’ll likely go down the route of sperm donation and/or surrogacy depending on the gender of my further partner, as I do want to have a baby. Since this is a personal decision that involves by health and reproductive organs, I don’t really bring it up in conversations regarding said future children unless prompted and in a comfortable friendship group (or on the internet, apparently). I have, on a couple occasions, been questioned on whether I can even have children biologically anyway - as if my walking stick made me instantly infertile. Whilst I’m a firm believer that everyone’s opinion matters, when it comes to my organs it’s generally considered polite to just keep the heck out of it.
    I also want to adopt a couple children, with my main priority being disabled children as they are much more likely to stay in the care system than others. When I tell the questioner this, there often isn’t time for the pause seen with the biological question. Rather people seem entitled to immediately tell me how a child might suffer from having a parent ‘like me’.
    ‘Like me’ doesn’t mean what it meant when I was younger; kind, smart, generous, funny. Now it means autistic (“You can’t even hug your child!”), mentally ill (“What if you get depressed again while being a parent”) and physically disabled (“Who’s going to play football with them?”). Because I cannot do everything, I am not parent material in some eyes as if there is some test I must pass to reproduce (perhaps if there was, I wouldn’t have to have these conversations). I am seen for what I cannot give rather than what I will give. My future children will be tolerant and will emphasise with others because they understand another’s situation may be different what what it seems.
    It will be different, but it won’t be bad. I know they will thrive not in spite of who their dad is, but because of it. #Disability #Arthritis #Physicaldisability

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    Describe your life with #Hydrocephalus in three words

    <p>Describe your life with <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Hydrocephalus" href="/topic/hydrocephalus/" data-id="5b23ce8900553f33fe99473a" data-name="Hydrocephalus" aria-label="hashtag Hydrocephalus">#Hydrocephalus</a> in three words</p>
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